Blocked tube/hydrosalpinx

Hi everyone!

After being admitted into hospital 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a blocked tube! Sent home with pain killers and was told i needed a follow up gynae appt in 3 months time. The doctor at the hospital didn't really say much to me about it so after being discharged, i made an appt to see my GP, he told me that i had to wait 3 months to br seen again to have another pelvic scan to see wether the blockage got worse or got better or even disapeared in time, but said its not often the fluid goes and the one of my only options would be to have the tube removed! 3 weeks later i am still in pain, but more manageable, however i have some concerns, on some forums i've been on, some gynaes won't removed the blocked tube unless your trying to concieve, which my partner and i currently arent! My concerns are that if my gynae won't remove my tube will i be left in pain and be told to wait another 3 months etc etc to be seen again, and be left with the pains and discomforts i have because i arent trying to concieve!

Help and advice muchly appreciated and thanks in advance! Xxx

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  • Hi. Sorry to hear what you are going through. I'm afraid as I've no personal experience of this I can't really comment other than to say - You are in pain, so would you consider pestering your GP until you get some proper care now. I think it's not acceptable to leave you in pain and discomfort. Who is your most sympathetic, approachable GP? Could you keep going back to them. Just say you are suffering from pain now, so you need help now.


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