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Blocked tube/hydrosalpinx


Hi everyone!

After being admitted into hospital 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a blocked tube! Sent home with pain killers and was told i needed a follow up gynae appt in 3 months time. The doctor at the hospital didn't really say much to me about it so after being discharged, i made an appt to see my GP, he told me that i had to wait 3 months to br seen again to have another pelvic scan to see wether the blockage got worse or got better or even disapeared in time, but said its not often the fluid goes and the one of my only options would be to have the tube removed! 3 weeks later i am still in pain, but more manageable, however i have some concerns, on some forums i've been on, some gynaes won't removed the blocked tube unless your trying to concieve, which my partner and i currently arent! My concerns are that if my gynae won't remove my tube will i be left in pain and be told to wait another 3 months etc etc to be seen again, and be left with the pains and discomforts i have because i arent trying to concieve!

Help and advice muchly appreciated and thanks in advance! Xxx

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Hi. Sorry to hear what you are going through. I'm afraid as I've no personal experience of this I can't really comment other than to say - You are in pain, so would you consider pestering your GP until you get some proper care now. I think it's not acceptable to leave you in pain and discomfort. Who is your most sympathetic, approachable GP? Could you keep going back to them. Just say you are suffering from pain now, so you need help now.


Im the very same promlem only that we are desperate to have a baby now have to wait till june 2017 to see if i need to have my tubes removed or clipped and then hope ivf will work im terrified i have pid since 2015 and in pain all the time

The waiting game is awful isn't it! I've had pain for years on and off and always put it down to my pcos and just got "used to it"but now i'm wondering if it hasn't been just that. The pain over the last few months has definatley got worse though and now i'm in pain most days which is so frustrating and annoying and impacts my day to day life. Forgotten what its like to feel normal and not have any pain xx

I found out in 2015 i had pelvic infamadary decease and that my tubes was badly inflammed im now waiting to be told if i need to have my tubed removed or clipped im suffering every day feels like i need to pee all the time and during intercourse is so uncomfortable it feels like my cervics thightens during sex its driving me crazing now

How come its taken so long to sort out? Xx

Tests ,scans etc im in so much pain , the pressure i feel is uncall for its like i need to wee but my bladder is empty so uncomfortable

I'm fed up of constantly being in agony, and the impact it has on me day to day. we fly to Majorca on friday and i know i'm going to spend the majority of my holiday in agony, my partner wanted to cancel and rebook at a later date, but i think the break will do me good.

Prior to me finding out i had a blocked tube my partner and i had, had a discussion about starting a family, i'm just worried that because were not actively trying the gynae won't do much at the moment. We've now decided we want a family more than ever and knowing time isn't on our side makes things so hard at times

The frustrating thing is this is the 3rd time since i was about 17/18 that i've been referred to a gynae, and been fobbed off, clearly theres problems so this time i arent taking no for an answer and pushing for answers and treatments this time.

How many gynae appts have you had?xx

I feel every bit of your pain its starting to affect my psyical side to relationship now and we are trying for baby since 2008 and still nothing i have lost count on the amount of gynae tests i have done internels ,swabs ,scans , im now awaiting till june to find out if my tubes needs to be removed its so unfair to be left in this pain its not even pain its like a heavy exstream pressure down there feels like my womb is dropping and my whole body tenses during intercourse but i dont realize it myself its so uncomforsble i just want it to be over its going on two and half years now cant take much more all i want is to be a mum im with the 1 partner past 14 yrs my first partner seems so unfair to think pid is caused by clamidia and we are left like this ... does anything help u ease the pain ? I have tried baths alot but got told to stop washing so much as i have bacteria vagin osis and where us girls are meant to have a little dischatge dwn there all the time i dont i have it washed away doc has told me so i lightened dwn on baths and im very carful with the bath soaps i use and i dont wash down there with perfumed soaps but im still no better ive been given thrush cream and no its not even doing a thing if anything makes worse i just dont know what to do anymore this is tearing me apart i adore kids all i want is to be a mom is that so hard for us we diserve that chance but im not giving up we will get through this together hun and hopefully very soon i hope we will be happy proud mommys sending each other pics of our little mericals help of god xx

I've tried baths, sitting with hot water bottles, none of which does much with regards for the pain except ease it slightly, i had swabs, internalsand ultrasounds includingan internal ultrasound in hospital, thats when they found the fluid in the tube. I've got to have another ultrasound before i see the gynae in july.

When i was in hosp they said i had pid too, which worrys me because i must of had it for years and not known

I've told to not wash as much down there aswell and to avoid perfume soaps, bath bubbles etc, which is killing me, i love the bath bombs from lush.

It feels really good to talk to somebody who knows exactly how i feel, mentally and pain wise. We should keep in touch as often as we can xx

Omg u have my symptoms to a T and defently we keep in touch im hoping for merical nexted mount when i go for scan , yes i must of had mine years too but what upsets me is why could it not be detected by doctors sooner as we would have had tests in past done but no doctor is giving me answers xxx

I feel exactly the same as you. Its frustrating isn't it. I'm convinced i suffer from endometrios aswell, prior to being diagnosed with pcos the gynae and my gp were bordering on a diagnosis for that but once they found cysts, ruled it out, but as i've done research over the last month or so i also have alot of symptoms for that. I wish now i'd pushed years ago for proper examinations etc, but hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it and i was so young at the time, it never crossed my mind

Whens your appt next month?

I have scan 1 june and seen head doctor on 7th june .. oh its so hard trying to exsplain the pain to partner aswell it affects me in everyway wish it fuck off now no pain relief aint working im on tylex and tramadol and lyrica there strongrst tablets out there seriously nothing is working i have bacteria vagin osis aswell but thats just from bathing alot

My partner doesn't understand either. I'm sure he thinks i'm being a drama queen at time. I don't think he truely understands the seriousness of it either, my way of dealing with it all is by talking about it, but he won't talk about it much at all, i'm scared by all of it, the thought of having to go through ivf if thats what is needed upsets me, everywhere i look, people are announcing pregnancies or new babys etc. Its heartbreaking.

I'm currentlyonly taking paracetomol and codeine, my GP has told me to hang on in there with that until i see the gynae so you can imagine what my pains like only taking that kind of pain relief!

I've got my gynae appt, but still awaiting my scan appt. xxx

Our stories are almost identical theres no words to discribe the heartbreak of wanting something so bad and not been able to concieve it naturally it brings me too tears.

I'm having a really hard time coming to terms with it, when i first got told i was like 'ok this is fine, we'll deal with whatevercomes at us' but now i've realised i really arent ok with whats going on with ny body, i think about it night and day, i spend what time i can researching what i can, just to try and educate and prepare myself.

I can't stand the wait, i want it dealt with now, today, pronto!!!

My appt 21st July which still feels like a million light years away!!!

So true i hate the waiting itsbliterally ripping me in two to think im going to be faced to make discion in mounts time to have my tubes removed scary aint the word im literally petrified

Im with the doctor tommorrow going to see can he hurry up the scan cause i cant keep this going i have myself worried sick

I can't get into to see my GP, i end ip having to ask him to call me to chat over the phone, he must be sick of hearing my name!!!

I won't see any other GP though as he's the one who's dealt with it all in the past and just don't feel comfortable seeing another GP

Yeah im the very same i dont like repeating myself each time i do im in tears

I no! I just feel like my GP understands me. He's been absoloutly fantastic,he's been brutal but honest with me, which is what i needed and he chased the gynae appt up for me.

I struggle to talk to anybody about whats going on, i eventually told my workplace what was going on the other week because the pain was that bad i was struggling to do my job, sat and cried for over and hour and in the end they had to send ne home. Luckily my HR manageris a woman and was so understanding and supportive! Xx

Yeah it affects us in so many ways hun its just cruel apart from my gp its great to be able chat someone who understands how tromatising this is some people just say but theres other ways to have kids it not end of world its end of mine id prefer have my baby naturally like any other woman i feel like im not me anymore i feel like im not woman enough anymore like part me is missing if u understand me . I say to my partner what happens if i cant get pregnant he said ill still love u without kids but it hurts i cant give him kids xx

Its unreal how much you think what i think.

I'm sick of people saying well you can have ivf......i don't want ivf i want a baby a normal way, like other people do.

People don't get it do they. They just don't understand how we feel. I don't feel like my bodys, my body anymore, i feel like i have no control over it at all, and that its all going to be decided by a dr.

My partner said exactly the same that he'd still love me kids or no kids! Xx

Lets hope our scans show something worth while i just cant take much more pain pressure is real bad today nothing helping to ease it i think its unfair for us to be left waiting this long xx

Yes, lets hope so. Hope your feeling better today?

After talking to you yesterday i found out my sister in law's sister is pregnant, my brother rang me to tell me before i saw any announcements on facebook

It destroyed me.

I have been to doctor today but they cant give me ant other pain relieve than im on so basically i was told to suffer on till july which is shocking but not much i can do , oh you poor girl yes its so tramatising to see relations and family become pregnant before u and it eats u up inside i know how u feel im the excact same cant handle pregant woman or babies breaks me up we need a mericle hun xxx

We do indeed. Sorry to hear that they won't give you anymorepain meds. Bloody crap isn't it. Were just left to get on with it.

Had my neice for tea tonight, shes 4 and an absoloute sweetheart, i treat her as my own, i've looked after her regularly since she was 6 months old when my sister in law went back to work, and we have a very strong bond and a very special relationship, my brother often jokes she's more my child than theirs, i look at her and wonder what my own children would be like. I'm very lucky that i have her and her little brother who's just turned 7 months old, just wish i had my own. Theres still time i guess!! Fingers crossed forbus both x

Stop im in tears hear i have my goddaughter shes adorable breaks my heart but all i can do is keep hoping and praying that some day i will get my mericle i cant cope much longer its literally taking over my intire life im so glad i found u hear it helps to have someone that understands the heartach this illness brings 😢😢 stay strong best u can ur in my thoughts and prayers

Thanks. Your in my thoughtsand prayers too. I've spoken to other people on other sites i've joined to to with infertilityand your the 1st person i've clicked with and felt a connection with. It helps me talking to you too x

Same hear hun im in alot of discomfort i have very bad stitch going round my stomach and back shaking alot and feel very sick the pain is uncall for im scard now xx

I get what feel like stitches in my stomach too. Its so uncomfortable isn't it.

Does it affect you going to work?xx

Horrible im out of work since october 2015 becuase of the pain most mornings i cant get out of bed the pain is literally that bad , my partner tried chatting to me earlier bout our options to have family and i could'nt get the words out let alone look at him i burst into tears 😢

Oh gosh. Thats awful. Sometimes i go to work hoping that it'll take my mind of it and the pain. Somedays it works, somedays it doesn't. The people i work with are amazingly understanding and supportive.

My partner won't even talk about our options xx

Yeah its horrible hun , have you kids already ??

No i haven't any children. Have you?xx

Unfortunatly not hun if only i could have 1 id thankful

Yeah and me! How old are you if you don't mind me asking?xx

Im 30yrs old hun xx

I'm 31 xx

Im 31 in november hun im getting old pmsl xxx

Lol i know the feeling.

Have you got the health unlocked app on your phone?

No is there one i just registered and get emails with new posts and messages xxx

Yeah. If your search in your app storeon your phone for health unlocked you should find it x

Are u from ireland hun xxx i attend retunda maternity hospital in dublin xx

No i'm in the Uk xx

Awh nice xx im so happy i can chat someone else going through it i do feel like im going mad at times

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