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Probable IC

I am about to go into hospital for a day case procedure to have a bladder hydrodistension and probable biopsy. However, my urogynaecologist is fairly certain I have interstitial cystitis. I am taking Amitriptyline 15 mgs at night for the pain but if I try and come off this I have a sort of urethral burning pain. I do not have frequency or urgency and no incontinence. A locum GP at my surgery (who seemed very sensible) thought it would possible be caused by having a very tight pelvic area and suggested that before my procedure I should try and see a private physio to help me relax my pelvic area and free up some of the tension. He thinks this may help a lot wit the pain especially as I work as a secretary and have to do a lot of sitting. I live in the Swindon area in Wiltshire. Can anyone recommend a women's physio who could help me. The GP said on no account to do any Kegel exercises as this will only make things worse. Any recommendation for a physio would be gratefully received.

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I can't help with any recommendations in that area, but just wanted to say what a wonderful knowledgable GP you have. Most GPs haven't even heard of women's health physios and tight pelvic floors. His advice is good. I hope you find a physio and are successful with treatment. Take care.

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I've experienced something like this in the past. Thought I'd mention in case relevant. It followed after a nasty water infection and lasted for about 6 months. Not continuous pain, but symptoms after urination. I was told in my case that it was urethritis and not IC. Probably because my infection was not treated appropriately initially and got really bad and caused damage to my urethra. This may well be my naivety so I apologise to sufferers who may know better but I thought IC did involve urgency/frequency rather than just pain? Anyway, I would certainly go the pelvic physio route first. I think that would be an excellent decision. Have you looked on the pelvicphysiotherapy.com website for practitioners? I'm sure someone on here may have a specific recommendation too but if you are still struggling let me know and I will attempt to ask my own physio if she knows of anyone in that area.


Thank you for your support. I would be grateful if your physio could recommend a good women's pelvic physio in the Swindon, Wiltshire area as I don't know who to see. I would just be selecting a name off a website. What treatment were you given for the urethritis. Was it just painkillers?


At the time, yes and it did settle if it's own accord other than me trying to be careful with my diet (by that I mean I lowered my sugar intake and tried to eat what I could that I thought would be helpful, just by researching general nutrition). Whether or not this truly helped I don't know, but i always find a bit of self help therapeutic. It feels better to me to be a little in control than being totally helpless. I didn't really know about the value of women's health Physio's back then either. But I do now and would definitely be my first port of call.

I will get back to you once I've heard back from my physio, hopefully soon.


ps I personally wouldn't be worried about any of the practitioners named on that list. Maeve Whelan is a big name in this field, so if they are recommended on her website, that would be ok by me if all else fails.


You may have Vulvodynia. I have it and it sounds like the same thing. Amitriptyline, an estrogen cream or a gabapentin cream helps a lot. Pudendal nerve blocks can help some people. I've been to 28 doctors and now I am in the process of getting a stim put in my sacrum, the doctor did it on one side and I got relief. Now I am waiting to get the other side done..........I'm a very extreme case. nothing else worked for me..... A good pelvic physical therapist might help, but make sure they do internal work such as trying to relax your pudendal nerve. Good luck, try to reduce your stress levels.....


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