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PN or IC? Help!!

Hi everyone 11 months ago I was whit a horrible internal hemorroides for 3 months but those was painful , and before this a pilonidal cyst, no surgery. During the 3 months of hemorroides something weird happened whit my bladder like first peep a lot, no pain, next UTI symptoms 1st for one day symptoms, 1 week later again for 2 days and again for 5 days 1 month no symptoms and return but this time really painful bladder pain spasms,each time I was in my family doctor ,UTI test no infections, visit urologist he saw inside my bladder and he said look fine inside , so IC was my diagnosis ,star IC diet, desert harvest pills feels better, some flares not relate to nothing.

Hemorroides better so I decided to star to sit in right way and no just in the left side, this is the time everything get worst that day in the night sharp -knife pain in my coxis was horrible , everything in my pelvis star in pain, the time pass sharp - knife pain get away next day but my bladder ,my anus etc pelvic pain, flares every time poop.

Visit specialist in Pudental nerve urologist-ginecology , he don think it's IC thought Pudendal irritation he is not sure about it because he did internal and external test for PN but not pain ,I can have painless sex whit my husband, he wants a second opinion fron other PN specialist,send me Physical therapy specialist in IC and PN she has been working in my really tight pelvis, fascia problems , and move my pain a lot , from all my pelvis pain now my flares are in anus sometime,pee a lot but no more those spasms - pain bladder,I can bend, I can lay down in my back some times I have a flare in my anus area but no that bad like before;it's for sure PT help me a lot I was to star to alive again until 1 month ago new symptom clitoris pain -mons pubis, pain whit organs all that area, no whit penetration, pees a lot irritating the pain, hot pad has been help me a lot whit pain.PT sayed she don't know we're this come from, still working in my pelvic she want to me try to sit a again for 8 months stop sitting, I just lay down in my belly now in my back no so comfortable for anus symptoms and no more in my sides because a feel irritated the bladder. Pilonidal cyst return was drained in emergency now fine, one external hemorroide no to bad. So PN can be better whit PT? Can be irritated other branches that were not before like for me that clitoris? PN can be for days good and pain again but in my case pee a lot, anus and now clitoris and again feel Almos nothing and again flares? When I star PT I was in moments during the night like 10 11 pm in friends house or making love whit my husband and NO flares next day , it's this normal whit PN? Is normal whit PN have pain since morning and feel better through the day, or feel good morning, bad through the day and better again in that night?

Please help me I don't know what happen whit me no surgery in my body, never problems whit infections so where did this come from PN-IC everything star whir pilonidal cyst and internal hemorroides.

Help please!!!!!!!!!

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Hi first of all please tell me what country you live in - I promise to get back to you today.


Hi I live in USA .


Did you have your Haemorrhoids Surgically Removed? It is possible if you did not that the pressure of the haemorrhoids is pressing on a nerve near your coccyx or pudendal nerve or other nerve. I think it is important to find out what is the cause of your haemorrhoids and if you have not had them removed, perhaps an operation to remove them may be advisable. I think the best thing to do is discuss both of these issues with your GP and see what your GP advises about a referral for investigations and referral to a specialist.

If you did have your haemorrhoids removed go back to the surgeon who operated on you and explain the pain you are having. All the best. I hope you get sorted out soon. XX


Cvbn my hem get away 3 months later, no surgeries in my body, my PT say the hemorroides are related to a tight pelvic , she think my problem it's no PN nerve or IC , but why all those flares ? PT really help me a lot so many symptoms are no present any more, I read that so many people after surgeries star whit PN pain, both in my situation it is not like this, I know the story of how happen its important , it is possible to feel better after PT whit PN ?


The best diagnostic test for pudendal neuralgia is to get a referral to a Pain Management Specialist. You should ask your GP to refer you. The pain management specialist will give you an initial appointment to go through your history. It would help if you could write a brief summary of your medical history. When the pain started and how it effects you. Where the pain is worst. If it comes and goes, that sort of thing.

After that you will most likely have another appointment for spinal injections under CT Guidance.This injection will be given along side the nerves to reduce pain and inflammation.

You should ask the pain management specialist if he thinks it is the Pudendal Nerve that is effected.

You can google Pain Management Spinal Injection under CT Guidance.

You may get instant pain relief but don't start doing pelvic exercises stretches etc for about three weeks after your treatment to give the treatment time to work - in my experience.

Try not to sit directly on your bottom after the injection and change your position frequently.

Tight pelvic muscles can cause pressure on the pelvic nerves.

Usually though if it is due to the PN especially Pudendal Nerve Entrapment you would not respond well to PT as it would cause more pain and difficulty to do these exercises.

I would just wait until you have seen a Pain Management Specialist and you should get a clearer picture of what nerve you are dealing with or whether your symptoms are due to tight pelvic muscles. Either way the pain management injection will help relax the pelvic muscles and reduce the inflammation around the nerve. You may need regular pain management injections for several months even a year combined with some gentle PT if that is recommended by the Pain Management Specialist.

All the best. XX


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