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Possible blocked tubes

Hi all, I'll try and sum this up as best I can!

Roughly 8 years ago at the age of 14, I went to the doctors with my mum after my period lasting for over 5 weeks to find I had chlamydia. Little did my mother know, I became infected from a horrible experience I did not wish to acknowledge or discuss. I blamed myself for it. My mum was furious and asked to leave the room. The doctor I was seeing was horrible to me implying I was a slut sleeping around and told me that I was internally bleeding and probably had pelvic inflammatory disease as a result of being left untreated. I was too scared to get checked after what had happened to me, I tried to forget.

After a horrible needle given to me and told "it would teach me a lesson" and antibiotics it was never spoken about again until recently.

After uncontrollable weight gain and hormonal issues, changes in forms of contraception etc. I saw a gyno who told me "I might have blocked Fallopian tubes." Devastated, I explained to him what had happened to me all those years ago. He asked me when/if I plan to have children, I explained that I DO want children, but at 22 with my partner and I both in the process of progressing into a long term career we haven't planned exactly when we want to start trying, but that I wanted to know if my tubes were blocked or not regardless!!

He blew it off and told me when I want kids they will only then investigate. Mind you, this appointment was to discuss taking out my mirena as my weight was becoming even harder to control since getting it.

Confused, I asked him to take it out then. He said to wait another 3 months before he will consider taking it out as my partner and I are sexually active I could end up pregnant.. you said my tubes could be blocked?! He left me with," in my opinion you should just take it out and have babies hehe!"

Still shaken up and in tears I couldn't understand what the hell was going on and just left.

I drove home with my partner silent and we both agreed it was time to tell my mum what had happened to me when I was 14. It was the scariest thing I've ever done it broke my heart. She was amazingly supportive and told me that although it was a horrible situation, many people do not find this info out until they are already trying for a baby. But the info isn't helping me when nothing is being done to investigate

Why will my gyno not give me peace in mind and tell me if I will or will not have trouble conceiving?! I think about it everyday and my want for a baby is growing as is my partners.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Could leaving this make things worse?

If left untreated can my tubes become more blocked or untreatable?

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I'm so sorry that you got such terrible treatment when you were younger. That's horrid.

No, your tubes more than likely cannot get more blocked if they're left for another while. They are either blocked or not blocked and as the chlamydia was treated back then with antibiotics, it's not been causing issues since it was treated. Unfortunately, the scarring which would be what's potentially blocking your tubes, and if that's happened, it happened way back during your initial infection. It's not gotten worse since then.

I think your gyno is an ass, and has forgotten that the primary focus should be patient care, and leaving you with such a horrid situation to worry over is not good patient care. You are somewhat lucky in that you found out that there's a potential for this early. A lot of people don't find out until they are actually trying to get pregnant.

If you have an option, switch your gyno to another one - explain the situation and get them to do the investigations. Also, your gyno shouldn't be refusing to take out your coil if you've requested it to be removed for valid reasons. What an ass!


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