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Nerve Blocks - Questions!

Hi Everyone -

Hoping to get some insight and info! What is the difference between a lumbar sympathetic block and a ganglion impar block??

Trying to navigate my way through this. For instance, which nerves and areas does each attack. Any positive experiences?

Thank you!

*and please, no negative posts without any feedback. It's hard enough as it is...we are here to support each other, not discourage and just complain!

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Hi Nyla8514

Check out the website: .

Type in what is the difference between Lumbarsympathetic block and the ganglion impart block & it will take you direct to the information!

Good Luck .

Warm Wishes spykey 🤗

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Hi I have had two ultra sound guided nerve block into spine for pelvic pain. It did help for a while but I now have numb left foot and left hand. Which isn't going away. I had last injection over a year ago.

My friend had one course just before Christmas for hip and back pain and she felt great after but is now starting to wear off.

Hope this helps



I don't know the difference between them but I had a ganglion impar block on the 1st December on the recommendation by my pain management consultant. It was guided by X-ray. It wasn't nice but was over in 10 mins and It was worth it. It did help with some of my symptoms. Since the birth of my second child nearly 3 years ago, Everyday , I feel as though I have a lump in my perineum pushing inside my vagina its really painful when sitting and If needing a number 2. If I get constipated or it's around that time of the month my life is unbearable ive had an Mri and many examinations and I'm told Everything looks 'normal' however after my last gynae app I'm now awaiting to have a laparoscopy. I sometimes feel like I have a burning sore inside too. I used to get nasty sharp pains during a bowel movements and another of my symptoms was the feeling needing to wee almost like I was getting a water infection but nothing ever showed. The injection definatley helped me, afterwards I couldn't feel the lump and I was able to sit on floor wrapping Christmas presents pain free, it felt strange to be able to sit comfortably in my car. I noticed my bladder symptoms improved and I felt better than than I had in years. At different times I did still have the excruciating sore/burning pain inside but I think that coincided with different times if the month. The feeling of the lump has now returned along with all my other symptoms. The injection wore off after about 7 or 8 weeks. I'm due to have another ganglion injection in April and it can't come soon enough. Next time my consultant said I can have some gas and air to take the edge off while it's done so hopefully that'll help.


In case anyone wants an update - I did the ganglion impar block and has helped a bit. It was diagnostic so it wore off - but it did leave me super sore in the sacrum! Finally going away. I'm now set to do another ganglion impar block and a sympathetic block in a few days.


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