Amitriptyline and lyrics for pelvic pain

Hi everyone, just looking for experiences with the combination of lyrica and amitryptyline for pelvic pain. Went to g p yesterday as pelvic spasms so intense and she added amitrip to the lyrica. I'm seeing dr demello in march so this is getting me through until then . Any opinions would be grateful as I'm reluctant to start them .


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  • Try anything a qualified doc suggests. Ask about 5% lidocaine gel. And throw away your underwear. They will kill you

  • Hi Sandra

    I'm on both of them myself but don't find them much use - having said that I don't think the drugs don't work I think the dosages need adjusting. I've recently had my amtriptyline adjusted to 20mg but am thinking of going back to 10mg and asking my GP to increase the lyrica instead. The increase in amitriptyline has knocked me out and this was the case even when I was on 10mg. But everyone is different and you might find the medication brilliant on the dose the GP has prescribed so it's worth a try. But be warned though you will feel excessively tired when you first start but this should wear off over time as your body gets used to it. I hope that helps

  • Hi Alaine1,

    Thank you for your kind reply. I was on amitriptyline last year and found it made me groggy and didn't really like it but now I have been on lyrica for over a year , I'm on a low dose of lyrica and my gp was pondering to either just increase the lyrica dosage or add amitryptilyne which she decided to do. I'm afraid to start them as I don't really want to go back to Starting them again, I think I would have preferred a lyrica increase to be honest. My husband thinks I should do asvthry suggest but I'm hesitant. We all know what it's like on the medication roller coaster!

  • Sorry but I meant to ask if it's not too personal, what lyrica dosage are you taking? I'm on 150 in the morning and 150 at night and now she has given me 25mg of amitriptyline to start but I think that's a high dosage to begin on

  • I'm on 75mg twice a day of lyrica but I'm going to ask my consultant to increase it and only Judy recently had amitriptyline increased to 20mg. I started off on 10mg. It might be worth asking you GP why she has started you on these dosages or speaking to a pharmacist as they can always speak to your GP and advise further as your gp is qualified in medical conditions and your pharmacist a specialist in mefs and how they affect people etc. There is no harm in asking as the dosage may make sense once they have explained it to you

  • I started on lyrica a year ago at 75mg in the morning and then again at night and slowly increased it to my dosage now. I might go to pharmacy as you say. Thank you so much .

  • Hi baileydog, I have nerve damage through a prolapse repair back in 2012, I take 300mg Add to dictionary in the morning and again at tea time along side 75mg amitriptyline at night and this really helps keep the pain at bay. if ever you feeling groggy on what ever dose I take Add to dictionary anti sickness tab but this isn't very often as I have been on this dose of meds now for a few yrs and will continue so for the rest of my life. be warned though both these meds will cause weight gain. hope this helps

  • Thank you so much , I have put 18lbs on in weight in a year and hardly recognise myself. I have tried to loose it but it won't come if. X

  • doesn't seem to matter what we try to do to loose the weight it just isn't happening due to the meds. ive tried and tested this many a time. someone once said to me weight gain or pain? I feel like Mrs Michelin man the Goodyear tyre advert (ha ha). combined together at these doses it seems to work well for this kind of everlasting chronic pain. its worth persevering with the two combined meds. Thinking back I was in agony then but so much better now

  • Try the meds. They may work really well for you, plus it will be useful for Dr de Mello to know what meds you have tried and what effects they have had. Also, until you have tried the standard meds, you will probably not get any other treatment - nerve blocks, physio etc. I find Amitriptylene 10mg helps me sleep really well, 20mg I could not stand it, too groggy to drive, work etc. Currently trying Pregabalin 900mg per day, don't think it is doing much. Sertraline for anxiety has helped me, and Mindfulness. Getting stressed is certainly a trigger for worse pain. I use a TENS machine occasionally - works really well to over-ride the discomfort. Anyway, try the meds, and if there are side effects, stick with it for a week or so as they should subside. Good luck with the appointment.

  • Thank you! Good advice and I am going to try the amitryptaline but I am going to take half a 25mg tablet first few days to see how I go with grogginess and then I will increase . I'm also on 30mg mirtazipine for anxiety( which came along due to all of this) and this makes me sleepy. So with mirt, amitrip and lyrica all causing weight gain I'm worried. Has Nyone lost excess weight whilst on these meds?

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