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Hip/pelvic pain for 4 weeks

I have had horrendous hip pelvic and back pain every day for 4 weeks now also my abdomen is constantly swelling up, I'm taking codine and waiting for an ultrasound this week, has anyone else had the same problems? I'm so worried.

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Hi again Kazww, I think you will find a lot of people here with similar issues. I've personally had pelvic chronic pain since August 1995 so understand your fears and concerns. Stress doesn't help pain, and I know it is hard not to be scared and worried but the more you relax the better able to deal with your pain. Do some short walks or close your eyes and listen to a guided meditation. If you can't do either of the above just try and do something that makes you happy. The endorphins released will help you cope. We're here to support you. Good luck with the scan, I hope it shows something that is easily resolved.


Last night my belly swelled up so big I looked 9 months pregnant? The pain was terrible I went to lay down after a few hours the welling did go down a little bit. I have also been constipated for around 5 days which I think is caused by the codine today I am going to try and take just paracetamol to see if this helps, I just don't uferstand why I would keep swelling up so much? Do you know what causes your pelvic pain? Thank you for all your comments it really does help x


Sorry, what is the cause of your pelvic pain? Xxx


Sorry what is the cause of your pelvic pain? Xx


Hi Kazww

I had a double ectopic pregnancy in 1995. The surgeons saved my life but damaged the central nervous system leading to chronic pain. It's 20 years in August but they are years I wouldn't have seen if I didn't have the surgery.

I have learned to manage pain, probably similar to others on this forum but some days are better than others.

I try and remain as positive as I can but do have a cocktail of meds to keep me upright :-)

I sincerely hope your pain is resolved soon and that there is a simple explanation, the human body is a complex machine x


hi Kazww.i have had chronic persistent pelvic pain for two years and no diagnosis.my lower back pain I could put down to curvature in spine tho it could be something else too.am really sore all around my ribs.my stomach is increasing all the time.any scans that ive had allegedly come back as "normal".i was given codeine but like any other pain relief do nothing for me.good luck with scan.


I am experiencing the same but all my lab test are clear ,i even go barium enema and blood drawing but Negative cancer cell



Where is your pain? How old are you? X


Hello,i am experiencing the same but all my lab test is clear ,i wonder where to seek second opinion . All lab test was done and i am worried what is going on as i am experiencing too uch pain ....no blood in my urine and makes my blood pressure goes up due to stress.

Is it a part of hormonal embalance ?


Where is your pain how old are you? X


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