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Experiences with prolapse repair surgery? Successes and failures welcome, I'm only 19 but believe this to be the only option for me, thanks

I've been diagnosed with a prolapse and am awaiting to see gyno next week. It has worsened and is now completely covering my vaginal entrance. Can't use tampons or have sex due to pain which is really getting me down. Constant pressure down below and severe constipation, can only pass when I have had 2 Dulcolax to make it literally like liquid (tmi sorry). I belive that the only hope for me is surgery as my condition will only worsen over time and pelvic floor excersises are not helping and seem to be making it worse... A pessary will just make sure it doesn't worsen too much and this is not an option for me as I one day want to have children and I cannot do that if I can't have sex..

Please can I hear some of your surgery experiences and advice, I'm really struggling with this, it's taking over my life :(

thanks in advance

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Just listened to your story.

We are all here to help one another. I do not knew where you live.

This is my advice:

1. Find a good uro-gynaecologist not just a gynaecologist. Get 2 opinions

2. Find a good colorectal surgeon who deals with prolapse too. Get 2 opinions.

Many of us go to the one surgeon and he recommends a surgery which may or may not help as prolapse is one of the most difficult areas to put right.

Very few centres if you are UK based deal with prolapse uterine and rectal together. You may have what is caused a genetic connective tissue disorder, but you need the best help possible.

If you like Private message me I could give you some names if you are UK based. Go to the smiley face and you will find where to PM.

All the best,



πŸ˜” πŸ˜”. Xxxx my heart goes to you lovely I hope everything goes well xxxxxxx


Thankyou, just read your case, hope everything works out for you too 😘xxxxx


I agree with Sandra2468 and would like to add, do not let them use mesh. It is playing russian roulette, if it reacts in you the complications take your whole life away and you are left in pain. Doctors will say things like, this is a sling, a graft, and other words to avoid the word mesh. There are other repairs that can be done and they take a lot more education of the physician. Blessings!

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Thankyou so much for replying, I've researched the mesh and have seen for myself how horrible that is!:( I would never get it but thankyou so much for the advice as I didn't think they would try to mask it under other names 😑

All the best x


Hi danis21

Firstly may I say how sorry for one so young. I feel your pain . I had a prolapse 5 yrs ago and ended up having surgery I had a repair of vaginal wall and a vaginal TVT , I had stress incontinace really bad and a lot of pain in my pelvis and lower back . The TVT was a success it transformed my life no more stress incontinace but unfortunately 5 years on now 50 i Have had more pelvic pain and lower back pain with a heavy dragging feeling in my vagina made worse by walking and standing still for long periods. I went to the GP who diagnosed a cystocle I was back at hospital getting my TVT checked out. My worst fear was the TVT had eroded , sex was painful and I too can't use tampons and I have developed an over active bladder. Lots of tests later I have been told my TVT hasn't eroded and is working fine I have no incontinace just urgency and frequency . I have been told that the repair that I had done 5 years ago has broken down. My bladder is pro lapsing into my front vaginsl wall. Apparently this can happen with repairs there is a 40 % chance of it failing . I am currently waiting to see consultant to discuss further surgery. Meanwhile pelvic floor exercises , that do nothing for me. And a suggestion of tablets for the urgency frequency. My advice to you is you are very young and haven't had children yet so think hard about surgery but don't be put off by scarey stories you need to do all your research and keep an open mind , every one is different and circumstances unique to you. I wish you luck and keep ya chin up gal X there is light at the end of the tunnel, knowledge is power find out bout everything that's available to you and get second option if necessary . Hope this helps

Dawn πŸ‘


Thankyou so much for replying and sharing your own experience with me. I can relate to so much of that except the incontinance, I'm not sure exactly what prolapse I have until I see the gyno Thursday but I am suspecting all 3 :( not sure why it's happened to me so young but trying to deal with it and have hope.. I think surgery would be best as to provide me with a better quality of life so that I can meet someone and hopefully have kids (not for years as yet), then worry about the repercussions when I'm settled and older..

Thankyou again,

Hope all goes well with you, all the best xx


I'd like add to this the importance of seeing a women's health physiotherapist too. They see women with prolapse all the time. They may not be able to cure you, you may still need surgery, but they can help you before and after and maybe help with lifestyle options. Agree with getting more than one opinion and don't be put off by scary stories. Good luck and keep us informed how you get on. Xx


Thankyou Sue, I am looking to do that, it all just seems like so much to get sorted but I will get there, thanks for the recommendations, I will keep you all updated xx


Go on Wholewoman.com and order online the prolapse exercises. When you relax your abdomen and have proper posture your organs go forward not backwards. Don't wear any tight pants right now. Wear loose skirts around the pelvis. When you breathe in your abdomen should rise and then fall when you breathe out. This will relax your pelvis. When you sit on the toilet position feet firmly on the floor when you push to have a bowel movement lean forward off the toilet with hands on thighs for balance. Sit back down if you do not have a bowel movement. Same for urination . Lean forward . Sorry for being blunt. Sometimes you just have to get specific.

When you push when you are sitting it puts pressure on the organs and makes the prolapse worse. Anyway , hope that helps. I went on line and have read through a lot if information for my future as I approach menopause. It is quite enlightening.


Thanks for the advice Susan, I will certainly try the toilet technique as that is a big problem for me.. I will see what the gyno and other specialists say and advise first before considering surgery but I don't see any way around it right now..


Dani x


Please, don't have surgery till you read this site. You are way to young


I have a rectocele prolpapse and have severe constipation and have to take laxatives every day i know what you mean when you say it comes out like liquid, thats what i get and taking 3 duculax and senna every day its a nightmare anyone else had prolapse surgery for a rectoncele i dont know how to post on this website so can someone let me know how you post a topic


Thanks for the reply Christine, so sorry to hear you are suffering too, really hard to see a way out.. Read your page and can see how horrible it is, I will keep you updated if I hear anything and will also follow you to see how you get on, all the best x


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