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I've been suffering for seven years in constant pain in lower pelvic area which is worsens by periods and walking and a lot when I'm stressed.I've had loadsa of tests done over the years the couldn't give me a diagnosis so so just put it down to chronic pelvic pain syndrome.they docs have not left me for a year plus on pain killers's getting worse every time I go they just help for that day n tell me to carry on.well the problem is icnt carry on now I'm struggling physical n mentally so is my kids n partner.I'm allergic to parracetamol n nsaids so it limits wat I can take I've trued the an depressants for pain but CNT handle side effects.I have under active thyroid to and IBS.I have tried heat packs tens machines I've had the much pain relief I've became immune to it.I'm do fed my life is ruined.I'm do tired all the tme n pain allday everyday.I worry bout my kids have been playing up for a while I think because I CNT be the mother thy need.I would love a proper diagnosis so I CNT get proper treatment.I been told I could be like this forever but I CNT handle that this has taken over my life I don't go out much at all because of it.constantly letting my kids down with broken promises of doing or going somewhere with.then when it comes I'm to sore or tired to go its not fair they suffering so bad.any help of conditions like endrometrosis I don't have this been checked but similar symptoms.the dic eben thought I might of had ovarian cancer I now get smears every 3 months as I have abnormal cells.I'm desperate for any information u can give.or anyone in similar situation thank u

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Hi have you spoken to yourGP about Pundendal Neuralga that's what they say have. It causes a lot of pain & difficult to treat with usual pain relief. Stress & anxiety a big problem with it & it causes the pain to worsen. Go & google it & particularly look at the Hope & flown sites. Take them with you & discuss with your GP. I have it & it us hard but if you get on the right mess it may start to improve.

Hi Pelvic pain is a real nuisance and does make you tired I suffer too and I also have a herniated bulging disc in my lower back and I can hardly bend I find that diclofenac sodium helps me but I can only take a small dose as it can make me feel woosy. I had surgery in 2002 and was cut down from my belly button so as I am getting older and fatter the pain gets worse after a big meal I can hardly move and my uterus flares up. I have no idea whats causing this I am 47 and my periods have stopped. Its something I live with everyday and do not want more surgery incase it makes it worse.

Its a constant ongoing problem and its awful you have my sympathy xx

Hi firstly I'm sorry to hear another person is suffering from pain. I hope you get better.. I'd recommend you change the doctor and find some doctor that sympathize you. I've been suffering for 3 years now. First 8 months some woman doctor got rid of me with pain killers.. And then kept changing doctors that I feel she understands me.. I had injections in the disks on my back etc.. I deeply feel you, because I'm almost mental now.

You better find a good doctor and ask for XRAY, MRI scans etc.. Get some blood tests done.. Cos I happened to be suffering from low D vitamin as well.. And I wish the best for you...

Check your ilioinguinal iliohypogastric and genitofemoral nerves. Mine were trapped, never showed on any imaging scans, nerve blocks confirmed


Hi, could you tell me where you live i.e. which country, city.?

Thank guys I appreciate all input.I live in glasgow

I am a decade into my never-ending Fight so know your pain all to well... We are Soldiers in this War on Pain Sufferers that has been Waged Since 2000... I wish i had been Crippled in the Compassionate 90s... Not the Demonic two thousands....

Hi there, sorry your suffering, you say you have been checked for endometreosis, what did they do and by who, only gynes often miss endo, and the only way you can be sure is by a laporoscopy, preferably by a bsge specialist, do you have pain with or after sex, is it just pelvic pain or any where else, how are your periods, and you say your energy levels are low and your tired,? Reply with your list of symtoms,


lainie8484 in reply to Tboag

I had a laprodcopy years ago and it was all started when I was pregnant n I had to give birth at 18weeks due to not enough amniotic fluid which ended up me becoming very I'll sm kinda of infection.was I a lot of pain when I was pregnant then after had an infection of the womb.n the pain just carried on n on for years.constant it used to be just bad bouts if pain n then niggles more n more often now its constant everyday.if u get stressed it worsens or walking.its horrendous when itd my period which used to regular now it cums whenever its really heavy to.when I'm in lot of pain my whole lower pelvic area swells a lot. I can only wear leggings with elastaicated waist n have two different sizes of them.when I'm In the housexi CNT wear any bottoms its so uncomfy.sometimes when I go to sit down I get a sharp pain deep inside like if sat on s knife I know that might sound think I might have nerve damage of some sort to.I'm so tired all the time I think because of my under active thyroid or because I don't really sleep much due to is a miss n hit can be sore or not.I just don't do it now cause I start its fine then its painful it totally kills the mood I don't have s sex life n don't have the energy not living my life I'm just existing.

I am in the same situation. I'm just existing and not living anymore. I lost my wife and son because of this dreadful condition. I have pelvic tension myalgia and it is pure hell to live with it. I still have to work 8 hours a day 40 hours a week and sit in a cubicle with this horrible condition. It causes everything down there to go haywire and the pain is off the charts sometimes. If ever there were conditions forged in the pits of hell, this is one of them.

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