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Hi there. I have been told to increase the amount of gabapentin and Amitriptyline I am taking. I am doing this gradually over the next few weeks . I am not convinced it well help. Feeling quite negative about my treatment. If this doesn't work I am told they will do a Gangular Impar block. Anyone out there had one of these? Has it been helpful?


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Hey there. What is your diagnosis, what problem do you have? And that blockage could really be helpful. I have prostatitis and pelvic pain and I will have this block in a matter of week or two.


The Dr's are just calling it 'chronic pelvic pain'. I had a hysterectomy and repair then a repeat repair 8 months later. I think the pudendal nerve has been damaged. In an awful lot of pain and nothing I do seems to ease it.


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Does sitting increases your pain? And do you have problems with urination, bladder? Ganglion impar block should be helpful. I am a male and I too have pelvic pains including genital area and sexual dysfunction.


I have been diagnosed with Levator Ani Syndrome and Pudental Neuralgia. I cannot sit very comfortably but have most discomfort when lying down.

Discomfort is in perinium area from anal to midway to front area. This includes tightness, burning, swelling, spasms and low back pain.

I had two bilateral PN blocks and ganglion impar. None of these helped. I tried Amitriptylene as well as Gabapebtin. These did not help

I found relief with 300 mg of Lyrica. It did not relieve all symptoms but definitely stopped inner thigh burning, tightness and lessened spasms. My Dr gives me samples since this drug is under patent til 2018. It takes a while for body to adjust to this drug so begin slowly.

Hope this is helpful. Treat symptoms but don't expect cure all. Rocky68


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