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Need help urgently :(

I am a young healthy 20 year old male. For the past month and a half every time I ejaculate maybe 20 minutes after I get sudden pain in my hips and lower back specifically the (sacroiliac joint) and my legs which then radiates to my legs and feet in the coming days. The pain in my legs is usually in the hamstring, calf and area under my knees(prickly feeling under left knee) and on the top of my feet. If i lie on my sides or front when sleeping this pain is made alot worse and wake up the day after with a heavy mucus cough which lasts for days and a runny nose and sometimes headaches. I usually also feel a pressure around my bladder area and sometimes i feel a sharp shooting pain around this area also . I also get a sore throat every time. My testicles also have been pink for over a month but never any pain or bumps there. My legs on some days feel like the have no energy and this makes day to day life really tough. I also feel blood pulsating in my legs and around the sides of my lower back and sometimes buttocks. The pain will last for 1-2 weeks and I will be completely back to normal again until i ejaculate. When in the pain i lose all libdo and sometimes find it hard to get an erection. I have had countless visits to the doctor and urine and blood tests which have all come back fine. I've had a problem last year with my bladder where smoking and drinking irritated it but then i stopped going out for a few months and it went back to being normal. I have a cystoscopy scheduled for 2 weeks time but I'm scared this is going to make things worse and also I have a strong feeling they won't find anything because this seems to be a problem with my nerves and muscles. Right now I'm really worried if I'm ever gonna be able to have sex again without this horrendous pain. The Doctors and urologist have never given me any helpful suggestions or medication. This whole problem started when I had 4 nights out in a row drinking alcohol (not that heavily) and I got very ill but maybe I got ill from masturbating in that period. Also I don't masturbate that regularly maybe 3 times a week and no awkward positions either. Drinking alcohol seem to make my symptoms worse so I haven't drunk for a month now. At first I thought the problem was soley from drinking alcohol but now maybe I'm thinking its ejaculation which starts the problem and alcohol was just making it worse.

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That sounds absolutely ghastly. I also have pain from ejaculating - but it comes on before that as well from just being excited, and it's a burning sensation confined to the pelvic region (especially the rectum & perineum area).

Your problem is obviously very different, and I haven't heard of that collection of symptoms( not that I'm medically qualified in any way).

I would avoid smoking and drinking if you feel it makes a difference, and carry on pestering the doctors to look into it.

In the mean time, it is never a bad idea to practice meditation/ relaxation exercises of some kind.

It might help you cope with the experience you are undergoing, plus the lower back/ pelvic region is packed with sensitive soft tissue that can easily tense up and worsen the pain. Relaxation may well help it. They are very keen on that in the pain clinic. My apologies if you already know all this...


Request MRI of sacreL area. Mention to Dr if he thinks it cld be related to Pudental Nerve. Lower back pain can be symptom of Pudental Neutalgia.

Not many Dr's are knowledgeable

about treatment for PN. Burning and tingling are also linked to PN.

AN MRI would alert Dr's if any structural problems. Rocky68


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