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Intensive Therapy Week Completed - Update 1

So I did the week of intensive PT last week. The whole 20 hours was hands-on therapy, and the recovery and improvement (assuming there is some) follows at home. The at-home program isn't difficult or strenuous, and you don't do all of it every day. 3-5x per week per item on the list is needed to get the full benefit of the therapy.

The jury is still out, but my first priority is always "do no harm" (as in don't make it worse) and that goal was met. The therapist could tell by the end of the week that there was less muscle tension, better range of motion, etc. I was/am too sore to be objective. The primary pain seems about the same, maybe marginally better, but that is the expected result at this point in recovery.

I'll try to keep you updated. I can't give an honest, clear answer yet whether or not I think the program is worth the full price. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was blessed with financial help that was totally unexpected, or I would not have been able to try it.

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I'll hope for the best! Keep us posted.


Hi Necia! Your therapy is for pelvic floor tension? Are you experiencing pudendal neuralgia? I'm getting ready to start PT if the pelvic floor too. For the 2nd round of sessions. The first didn't do much, but then again, I probably wasn't the best patient either (in terms of getting my homework done all the time). Please keep us updated on your progress! Thank you!


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