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Laser therapy


Hi all. After years of treatment my pudendal nerve pain still prevents me from sitting. The problem seems to be the rectal branch-probably from too many years of bicycling. Laser therapy helped me recover from plantar fasciitis surgery and I will soon try this therapy to help nurse my pudendal nerve back to health. The rectal branch is rather superficial so I am hopeful it will work. Does anyone out there have a experiences to share related to this topic? Thanks very much

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I've no experience but am interested as a PN sufferer. How is the treatment done and who does it?

The ridiculous thing about it is how easy it is. The practitioner simply moves the laser Over the area that is to be treated. With a reasonably strong laser treatment times can be as short as five minutes. The deeper the tissue that needs to be treated the longer the treatment time needs to be. The procedure is usually carried out by a chiropractor. To a lesser extent it is carried out by physical therapists. Medical doctors Rarely if ever carry this out presumably because they could not make enough money And would rather push their expensive and useless surgery solutions. I will know a lot more within a few weeks as I start exploring this.

Thanks! I'm going to investigate. I hope the treatment is successful for you.

The PT practice I go to for pelvic floor PT also has a chiropractic practice. They recently acquired a cold laser therapy device. I’m not sure if this is the same thing you are speaking of. My PT did trial it on me but I got no results unfortunately. I hope it is helpful for you.

If you don’t mind saying, what exactly was your physical therapist trying to accomplish with the laser? Another words what part of your anatomy was being targeted? I have no idea why most people use low powered lasers for anything more than a centimeter or two deep- a higher power laser is required to provide energy at that depth

She was targeting the beginning of the path that the pudendal nerve follows starting where it exits the spine. She also worked in a spot just lateral to my coccyx where I have a hot poker-type neuralgia. It was a new tool they had acquired and there were different settings for different types of pain. It was just a trial to see if I got any relief. I didn’t really know anything about the laser treatment but was minimal risk, so I figured what the heck. No such luck for me.

It usually takes anywhere between 3-6 treatments to start feeling the effect. And don’t spread them out too far. I try to do them every 2 to 3 days. Many people say you can do them every day

Gotcha. Right now I’m having such a bad flare that I’m having dry needling treatments to try and calm the nerve down. Minimal internal PT work right now. I’ll be going for nerve block and Botox with Dr. Hibner next month and hope the pain will settle down.

The rectal branch of my left pudendal was stuck to juxtaposed ligaments. I was athletic to. The nerve was also damaged by a migrated metal Filshie clip that doctors wouldn’t remove from my rectum.

No alternative care helped. I needed decompression surgery. No doctor in Canada would help me.....even after an official diagnosis is Minnesota!

I finally had my decompression surgery done in 2011...after 3.5 years of life threatening pain! It worked. I hired and paid a registered nurse consultant. She saved my life. The doctors were saying I was nuts! NOT!

Don’t waste your money like I did. See Dr. Antolak in Minnesota.

Thanks For the information; I have not heard of that doctor. How did you come to the conclusion that your pudendal nerve was stuck? I feel pain where the Rectal branch is Which makes sense given how much Bicycling I did. However, it is not that sore when my therapist palpates it-Although it does hurt when I sit on it. So I am thinking that I can’t assume that the nerve is entrapped but that it is partially damaged from the bicycle riding. This is exactly the type of situation that lasers are useful for.. Anyway I should find out within a few weeks how well this works

My surgeon said cyclists get entrapped nerves. Is the nature of our ischial spine and exercising.

Good luck.

Will bring this up with my Physical therapist. You are right and that I definitely cannot rule this out.

Get this taken care of as soon as possible.

I had my surgery 3.5 years too late. I am disabled now. If I’d had surgery back in 2008, I would have healed better.

Good luck and keep me posted.

I'm assuming you had the treatment by now. What were the results? I'm considering the laser therapy as well for pudendal neuralgia pain.

Hi I am also seeking input on cold laser PN treatment. Did you follow through, if you don’t mind me asking?

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