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All sorts of things going on! Any help appreciated <3

Hi Everyone, I'm new here! I'll be as brief as possible but there is quite a lot happening!

4 months ago I went off The Pill in order to try to track my fertility, to plan for a kid sometime in the next year. Each month since I have had an increasingly awful level of pain at seemingly random times during my cycles. It seems to get worse with each week. I haven't been ovulating, and my periods are sporadic and incredibly painful. Last month's period came and I was unable to move! I decided it wasn't right, I'd like to think I know my body... And something was definitely wrong.

I went for an ultrasound and was told my left ovary is stuck behind my uterus, and is actually almost touching my right. My pain level was easily a 9 as she looked in this area. It had almost zero mobility, definitely stuck fast! The fact I'm not ovulating could be due to the stress my system is under, as to go along with all of that there also appears to be a (huge) collapsing cyst inside of my left (and stuck) ovary. I also have an acuate uterus!

Phew... is that everything? Haha!

I'm extremely grateful for this forum; I've found so much helpful information. I'm seeing my Doctor on Monday to schedule my laparoscopy (during which I'm hoping my left ovary doesn't need to be removed) and if I could ask you all to suggest questions or anything else I might need to ask/look out for before, during, and after this surgery? There is no doubt in my mind, my specialist's mind, or my doctor's opinion that it is endometriosis adhesions that are gluing my ovaries all over the place. I'm concerned it's stuck to my bowl as I also have all sorts of other symptoms... Surgery will confirm it all i suppose.

Any advice and suggestions would be so so so appreciated! I'm actually a bit shaken up about it all and a little afraid of the surgery.

Thanks everyone xxx

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Hi,that must be worrying for you,I guess I would think about it as it is finally going to be sorted out for you they can look at everything and make the best decision that will give you a good result and finally get rid of your pain and symptoms,I would make sure the specialist know that you want to have children,although I have heard it has very good success rates with one overy.


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