Tethered rectum after mesh rectopexy and STARR

Just went to a surgeon to see if anything could be done about the fecal incontinence caused by the mesh rectopexy and STARR. I had in mind trying to repair the perineum ripped apart by Mr D during the STARR. The surgeon examined me and said that I have "tethered rectum" after Mr D surgeries. I kind of feel that, feels that the rectum is tiny as a straw and can not hold stool and gas. The surgeon declined to repeat the perineal repair as he said my rectum is mutilated so much that I may end up with a fistula. He said that he feels a ridge in the rectum caused by the STARR and the anterior wall is tightly pulled by the scars from the mesh. Anyone who got any help with all that?

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  • Did u find this out by an examination? Or did u have futher test done? I think I need to ask for a second opinion. They want to do a full

    Conolocopy but I'm not sure because I still get daily rectal pain

  • Just exam, two surgeons said that

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