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Spoke to dr regards bladder pain, she didn't think much, she said it's not that the repair has been compromised with other surgery down there, but mesh Might have come loose through time , but they would send me to physo to do exercises, even though I have been told my pelvic floor is ok, they are trying not to use the mesh , due to bad press, any suggestions , definitely need to get second opinion. Grr

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  • Yes. I have also heard that other patients have had problems after surgeons have used Mesh in pelvic surgery. I think it is best if you do some research into Surgical Mesh and see if that could lead to some answers for you. All the best. XX

  • Yes, definitely get a second opinion. For me and many of my friends PT made our pain worse. So something to look for. The companies knew that some patients would experience pain and erosion ahead of time and they manufactured it anyway. So bad press is truth. I've been reading medical journal reports and everything I can find since 2009. Please find a doctor who deals with mesh complications.

  • Hi again. ' ... might have come loose through time ....' ????

    Not exactly a diagnosis is it!

    How can she tell nothings happened down there - from internal examination? If the mesh has 'come loose' surely it needs fixing.

    How about asking if any scan could confirm what has happened for sure. Maybe ask about Ultrasound scan and internal Ultrasound scan. Would they be of any help I wonder.

    Or have you considered self referal to the Continence Nurse / Adviser( if you can do self referals in your area. )

    How long will you wait to see the Women's health physiotherapist? Will that be soon? Maybe she can help with investigations?

    The Bladder & Bowel Community have a helpline re-opens Tuesday. I will post number.

    Angie on helpline can give you number for Continence Nurse in your area.



  • Back again - the Bladder & Bowel helpline number is

    01926 357220

    But you could email Morven McPhillips and ask her to phone you on Tuesday. She is the new Advanced Nurse for Continence in NHS Highlands and she only started last month. Perhaps she could help or point you in the right direction for help. Email


  • Thank you for the information, definitely be contacting her, but it will have to after my holiday for two weeks, xx

  • Hope you manage to have a lovely time.

    Sorry I have only just seen your post from 3 days ago. Don't understand why as I have been checking. I am now following so should be notified maybe. I have had some trouble seeing posts. But new to this.

    Happy Easter



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  • On BBC1 Victoria Derbyshire show (2hour) programme, Tuesday 18th April. the whole programme i dedicated to Mesh, Lots of Scottish patients/ Watch the programme on Catchup TV or BBC i player / Trans Labial scan, is the scan to see TVT(mesh) xx

  • Ok cool will watch when I get back from holiday, been not well last night with pelvic pain, so today is being a lazy day by the pool, lol I am in turkey for two weeks xx

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