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Hi ,I've see a consultant who told me I have a prolapse ,I'm too small to have a ring pessary fitted ,at the moment I'm on Vagifem internal pills ,but I'm thinking of stopping them as the pain has got a lot worse,but what's concerning me more is my loss of appetite ,,,i hardly eat a thing and I'm now on complan ,I'm supposed to be having a pelvic X-ray but so far that's not happened ,none of my clothes fit they are all too tight ,even clothes I bought a couple of weeks ago ,,,,,if I'm not eating ,,, why is my stomach getting so big ,,,,,I've also got a second stomach that starts on where my bra sits to my waist ,,,, and this is the most painfull area ,I have no energy at all ,I'm off to Devon tomorrow with my daughters ,,,but really ,,,all I want to do is stay in bed ,oh and I had the blood test for ovarian cancer that was clear ,,,,I'm at my wits end ,any advise would be gratefully received ,

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you say u have a prolapse, I had a rectal prolapse and bladder prolapse back in 2011. excuse the pun but the pain in my rectum was terrible. also had that heavy feeling in my vagina. be careful who you choose to undertake the surgery if you choose to go down that route. what has prolapsed by the way?

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I have actually been told what has prolapsed,,,,but like you I get the pain in the bum ,constipation and that vaginal dragging feeling ,,,,water works are not too bad no leaking ,I can feel that the uterus has dropped ,


that doesn't sound good. I had slight stress incontinence with my prolapses and was fitted with a tot at the same time. what ever you do don't let them put any type of mesh/ tape in to hold the urethra up I had to have this removed in 2013 as the surgery to repair the prolapses I had was done in 2012 and the pain never stopped .it has left me with chronic pain for the rest of my life. thankfully miss el neil in London removed the tape but I still get the burning sensation now and then despite being on amitriptyline and pregabalin for nerve pain. don't know how the surgeon at the time of the repair repaired my prolapses but the rectal pressure feeling the need to poop and pain down the back of my left leg just like sciatica remains.feel this when it flares up. hope this is sound advice theres a big campaign going on to stop surgeons putting this mesh/tape in women as the life changing effects of this is horrendous for many women for years after.i carnt say ime pain free I have come to living with it although the meds do help to give me quality of life of such


,thanks for your comments ,I couldn't have anything fitted as I'm to small inside , I'm awaiting specialised physio ,and a scan ,and then I see the consultant in September ,if he offers me a hysterectomy ,,,,I'm giving it serious thought at age 70 ,it would be a problem for me ,,,,but only if it would solve the prolapse problem,,,,,I've heard some people say they haven't had treatment and just live with it ,,,,,I. Not one of those ,,,,,I have enough health problems with my lungs without putting up a prolapse ,😡🤔😳😔😊😄


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