Any one with rectopexy mesh pain numbness?

After 2 vontus birth deliveries I had server problems. Hysterectomy in 2000 age 32 . After long time thinking my problems were a way of life I saw embarrassing bodies. .

I now wish I hadn't. . In 2009 I had rectopexy. 2010 STARR after rectopexy not completely successful. The recovery was horrid. I had it done in Bristol. I live in Staffordshire.

From Aprox 10 mth after I started to get a lot of back pain .L4/5 area. I had numbness in legs and arms . One day the numbness took over whole right side . I was thought to be having a stroke. After a hospital stay and weeks waiting for test results possible MS . I was told it was just herniated vertebrae.

In 2012 I started spine steroid pain injections. To add to it I fell one day when my legs gave way and damaged coccyx.

Private cover will not pay for injections anymore as it's chronic.

Been to see local surgeon and under investigation again . Proctogram shows 2 other entroceles.

Original surgeon said he not heard of anyone having this after mesh fitted .....

I seen in USA lots of problems. In this country mesh sites full of problems.

Anyone else had surgery at bristol with issues. I about to request my records.told my mesh is polyester. I been told by local surgeon this is prone to shrinkage.

I take a cocktail of medication.

Lots don't suit as make me like a zombie.

My life is totally different now

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  • I am sorry to hear about your problems. I haven't had any procedure like this done but my consultant has talked about it so I have followed any posts about this type of surgery and where to have it done. My consultant was originally going to send me to Oxford as apparently there is a good surgeon there. Maybe you could ask to be referred there. Also I have seen from some other posts that you can get some sort of reversal of this surgery and have the mesh taken out. I think I have read about people seeing a surgeon in France but I can't remember the details.

    Can't you get the injections on the NHS? I have had all my treatment from them (I live in London) and if I had surgery it would be on the NHS, although that could be why making any decision about surgery for me has been slow/ cautious. At the moment I am getting by with 'conservative treatment', using a personal irrigation system they have supplied me with and I am on various medication.

    I hope someone will reply to you with more details about Bristol. I have seen quite a lot of posts about it on here in the past.

  • You have read my posts... I clearly remember legs being numb and not being able to walk. Left arm also affected. I also was thinking stroke or MS, or just dying. You should write to GMC - general medical council, they have a website to submit a complaint.

  • How are you getting on now? Failed surgery?

  • Just the incontinence ... Pain and numbness let go... Relief came from Zoladex shots initially then surgery helped tremendously, now I am off the Zoladex shots and still no pain and no numbness... Hope you get better...

  • I had surgery - Starr in Bristol dec 2015... I haven't been right since. I'm under the pain clinic, I've had a lumbar MRI that should nothing. I get pain in back of legs and rectum. I get a numb pins n needles. This operation has ruined my life , resulting in a break down of my marriage and loss of my business... I've been made to feel it's all in my head :-(

  • So sorry to hear that Simmie3 and failedsurgery. I went to Bristol nearly 3 years ago and he suggested a mesh insert with an intestinal lift as a possible solution to my pain...after much thought I declined, and reading so many adverse post-op reports, I am pleased I did. I would urge anybody considering this procedure to think very carefully about it first.

  • Not in your head ... I am the same. I have just put up with it trying to find pain relife. Now I want answers and I have started my search to why I have these symptoms. Told me this week he dosent know anyone with these problems but go see him. Well after reading about folk who he has operated on and their issues I am so mad I am going to report to GMC ... we should not just put up with it . We should all tell our story to the right authorities who can stop this .....

    This site dose give help via information of suffers like us ... we are not on our own and I have now found my voice....

  • Jacq2009, sorry, I meant to include you in my above comments too. I do wish you well.

  • Thank you xxxx

    Keep your chin up too . This site is great for help x

  • Hello,

    I am wondering if this is to do with the spinal fixation during your Ventral rectopexy. Is it possible that you had a slight back problem which was exasperated after surgery?

    Could the spinal fixings be dismantled?

    Colorectal surgeon Mr Warusavitarne at St Marks would be a good doctor to speak to with regard to technique of surgery. He is very approachable.



  • I see Mr Falmer in Staffordshire he said that he going have check laparoscopic see what's going on but yes maybe remove the screws to see if that helps . Firstly he sending me to chap in Stafford who deals with issues like ibs etc to see if he can help me no surgically as well.

    He not surgery happy which is a comfort ... he had listened. I am going as about blood tests and nerve mri after reading this has helped some suffers get more info...

    Some days I feel to upset to read about all our problems but I know now I need to man up and get things sorted and share my journey to help others to.

    I wish I had known about this site years ago.

    Appreciate everyone who replied xxx

  • Brave lady.

    Let us know how you get on.

    We are all there for you.

  • Hi everyone, I am new here but really interested to read of others' experiences. So sorry to Jacq2009. I had laparoscopic mesh rectopexy last September which resulted in discitis from the clips in my spine. And the most excruciating sciatica as a result. This was diagnosed by a private MRI and I was treated with intravenous antibiotics for two months in hospital and with oral antibiotics afterwards for a further two months. There was much discussion with the spinal unit in Leeds about whether to remove the clips but it was decided that antibiotics were the better option. My sciatica has gone but I am left with numbness in my foot which started very early on. No one in the hospital wanted to know about this! It is not painful though but affected my walking for a while and it feels very cold all the time. Bed socks in bed are essential, the fluffier the better!

    However, I now believe that I have developed a prolapsed bladder but dread the thought of surgery for it.

    By the way what is STARR that is referred to so frequently?

  • Hi xxxx

    Well I had the odd numbness in foot , leg Arms, face ..... it's weird and they just pass over it like it's in my head. I have just put up with this for years but no more x something snapped few week ago x had total melt down cried all day. Booked appointment to see Mr Falmer. Had proctogram again. Showed 2 more issues but I not willing to pop for another sling. I want answers to this not stick more plasters over on going issues.

    You tell them again .. you are not on your own . It's the nerves they go nuts. They have not done proper follow up with mesh. The USA Australia Canada etc is full of woman with our symptoms.

    I feel exhausted by it all and know I have fight on my hands. We all do x

  • Jacq2009 I am so sorry it is so bad for you. Feel for you and your despair.

    And you said earlier you were considering removing the clips? I too wish I had discovered all these posts before agreeing to surgery for the rectocele...... far more problems than it solved. I wonder what the success rate is and how do they calculate it?


  • They don't like to report bad things. The surgeon who did mine told me last week that mesh not a problem and he not had any problems with it . I then found 2 ladies who had same and worse than me that he did and that he knew. .... I was gob smacked ..... he been a little abrupt when I have asked for my records .... my local surgeon is nice so we see how it goes x I am going to report to medical body...

  • I was told the same, also rude when I said I felt no better...paid to go private

  • Hi

    Post rectopexy I have sciatica plus other nerve pains,sphincter issues,anal pains,bowel issues.Did you have other symptoms?am trying to get a lumbar MRI neurography instead of pelvic to see if these tacks in lumber 5 s1 are the cause.Where did you have your rectopexy?

  • Sorry to hear, Barbara9. I had my surgery in York. Do get an MRI lower back

  • Me, I had starr done in Bristol. Left in daily chronic pain and other complications.

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