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Chronic nerve pain caused by surgery

Hi Everyone I am new to this site. I have been suffering from chronic pelvic nerve pain since 2007 when I had a tvt mesh operation which caused permanent chronic nerve damage. I am taking a high dose of gabapentin daily which has caused a duodenal ulcer and I need to find a alternative to this medication. I am trying to find out if I can get a Botox injections for nerve pain on the NHS. Would anyone be able to recommend a pain consultant who does Botox on the NHS.

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Hi Homerfield, I can't help with your query but welcome to the site! I'm sure someone will be able to help you out soon.


Hi it sounds like you know what you need I hope you find it, I haven't anything helpful info wise, just wish you all the best.


This may not be helpful, but if gabapentin reduces symptoms it can be administered through an intrathecal device which bypasses the gut. Any medical readers please correct me if I have this wrong.


Hi Me to.

My started after bad delivery and not stitched correctly. Then had mesh repairs few years later to to try to correct it. This caused nerve damage. The things they do not tell you about!!!!

Mr Vikram Khuller at St Mary's Hospital in London does use Botox for pelvic floor problems and for the bladder. Not sure if he can help? Worth a try? It did not really work for me as I had to self catheter afterwards but others have said it is really helpful.


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