I just read a interesting article ( it was based in America) about a man who had suffered with rectal pain and pain radiating to his penis all down one side, and bladder problems, he had decompression surgery, didn't help whatsoever

Eventually he saw a spine specialist who did some scans and discovered the problem was in his low back , the back surgeon showed him what his issue was, he then underwent back surgery and now he is 100% better, his pain has gone , his bladder is fine, his back originally niggled but wasn't drastically painful

The surgeon who did his op in America said that 70% of people male or female who gave bladder problems, unexplained pelvic pain , pudendal nerve pain , 70%  will actually come back to low back problems causing the pan in the lower regions, I read this last night but can't seem to find this article again ! So I could post for others to read

I live in the U. K and after years of asking , a specialist at the pain clinic I attend has decided I need a m.r.i on my lower back as I have pretty severe lower back pain ,and suspected pudendal right sided nerve pain and the severity of my low back pain happens to be on the same side as the pudendal nerve pain

I have to wait on the NHS for the Mri scan , I hope it comes back with some decent results if not I don't know how I am going to cope because I cannot gave opiate drugs as I am allergic to strong opioids

So I have to struggle from day to day with this ( and fibromyalgia) , and I am getting to feel that it is too much for me as I gave no quality if life and no pain relief , I was on a high dose of gabepentin but it never helped so no longer on them, same with pregabelin, so very depressed

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  • Hi,I read y0ur article ab0ut the man in America and I have exactly the same sympt0ms and had dec0mpressi0n surgery in Turkey which hasn't helped me at all. I am a w0men and am still suffering with all the ab0ve sympt0ms.  I was w0ndering ab0ut the specialist spine c0nsultant that y0u are seeing in the UK and was w0ndering if maybe he can help me t00! Are y0u experiencing the same sympt0ms as well, mine is all 0n the right side t00. Where ab0uts d0 y0u live in the UK? I live cl0se t0 L0nd0n and was w0ndering which Spine C0nsultant y0u were seeing. I h0pe the MRI results c0me back and sh0ws y0u exactly whats g0ing 0n.  G00d luck and h0pe we can exchange ideas. Best wishes D4.

  • I'm not seeing a spine specialist at present , the guy who is sending me for a Mri is a dr of anethetic in a pain clinic , just to see if anything can be picked up on the mri, if they pick something up then I will be referred on to the relavent dept D4

     P.s it took me 5 plus years of asking to get this MRI scan agreed to!!

  • Hi, Could you send me a link to the article ? I would be very interested in reading it. 

  • Would you post to the pudendal neuralgia hope closed Facebook group? People would love to hear this

  • My sacral, lumbar and thoracic MRIs are all normal

  • good luck , I'mHaving an MRI scan next month 

  • Hello. Do you have a reference for this article?. I live in the US and would love to bring a copy to my physician. Good luck with your MRI. Hope you find relief.

  • The link to the article would've been listed in your internet history.  Though now it's been 3 days, so...maybe by now you won't be able to find the article or have it deleted.

  • Those that live in the UK , there is a sit/stand MRI available private/NHS although it would be hard to get the NHS to pay I feel , but to truly see what is causing what we should sit/stand to bring on the pain. I have had an MRN neurography with Dr Baronwoski and although Dr B says no real issues, offers who have seen it beg to differ, so I think I may pay for the sit/stand MRI it is about £1,000. Interest free credit card. Electric jaws I inboxes you a while ago. 

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