Frustrated and we need more people to stand up, listen, and take us seriously!

I say these things, not because I want to be so negative, but because I think it is important for the community, medical, political or otherwise to hear that these treatments are not working for many people. It is important, in conjunction with helping people to cope with the world's failed understanding of our devastating conditions, the world knows the true devastating nature of our chronic pain. I might not have a terminal illness, but it can destroy my life, and has already done so in several ways. It could permanently cause me to cease to exist by my lack of acceptance of my constant failed desire and attempts at some kind of recovery. I also wonder sometimes why so many of these posts are all 3 years old. Does that mean they found a cure or jumped off a building somewhere? I might be trying to soar like an eagle too soon if this pain doesn't subside in a few months and my symptoms get worse. This disease has already consumed ,with a greedy passion, a chunk of my life and my family's life. My life has taken on a new unwanted meaning now. A meaning of forced solitude, pain, suffering, no hopes of furthering a career, constant fear of losing my job, and maybe never being able to see my son again because of a failed attempt at taking my life brought on by this condition. Thank you chronic illness and pain! At least give me something that isn't painful and so disrupting to living life please. These thing, when combined in their evil concoction, make up a volatile recipe made up of depression, suicidal thoughts, and self hatred. Please world! Listen to our cries of suffering!!! These conditions are destroying people's lives and dreams, young and old!! They are destroying mothers, fathers, and children! I know this post isn't uplifting, but what about our condition of life long pain is uplifting? I think it as important for those in the world to see the ugly side of things as well as the good side of things. When we close our eyes, the boogeyman doesn't always go away. Sometimes he sits on our shoulders and taunts us till we lose our minds and our souls.

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  • I agree wholeheartedly. When I explain my pain to people almost all of them have never even heard of chronic pelvic pain or know what it is. It's really hard when I look normal but my insides are screaming at me. It is the constant part of the pain that is the worst. I used to have pain only in the evenings and I thought at least I have morning and afternoon to feel normal. When the pain become constant it overtook my whole life. I haven't had a pain free moment in over 2 years. Day and night it is always there. Something about that is so disheartening. I am also running out of hope that I will find relief within the medical community. I'm sorry you also and many others have to deal with this. It is horrible.

  • I am very sorry that you are suffering too, especially at such a young age. You sound like a very intelligent and strong person, so hang in there. We need to all stick together and use what we can, our voices, to hopefully get someone in a position of influence to fight this ugly medical, social, and political machine we are up against. We need them to feel our sense of urgency to fix our broken bodies. Keep fighting!

  • I found this group and im so happy but sad also to realise that im not alone.

    I have suffed cronic pain for 6 years.

    Ive been made to feel like im a hypochondriac told to deal with the pain.

    Last year it was tht intense I tried to take my own life.

    I think its a sad going on that we're mad to suffer.

    Hope you find the answers your looking for

    kind regards Michelle

  • I agree Michelle. I was called a hypochondriac myself by a psychiatrist whom I trusted. This is a horrible condition and it is a travesty how the medical community, friends, and family can sometimes treat us for a very real and devastating condition. Not only must we face the physical devastation of this condition. We must also face the social and medical injustices thrust upon us for having it.

  • not uplifting but is the truth.... we fight... and nothing else... we war against the evil... strive against the odds... endeavor for the next generation

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