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Gabepentin, oramorph & oxycontin

Hi everyone 😊

Is anyone on the same combination as me as well as paracetamol, amatryptiline??

I was admitted into hospital with severe pain in my liwer abdomen, it was thought to be a burst cyst but fortunately it wasnt so i was kept in for a week to control the pain.

I have been sent home with the above cocktail and still havin to take oramorph every 2/3 hours..

I have been booked in for an operation on my bladder and vaginal wall for adhesions and bladder repair on May 23. The consultant wants to try me on zoladex injections to see if endometriosis has reared its ugly head again, after have a VAH in 2010 which had complications...

Anywsy sorry to babble on but my question is has anyone been through this and had a relief of pain with th zoladex?

I am askin coz they have said i shud get some relief before the operation in May and then they will take out the remaining ovaries and tubes and kik strait into HRT. I am 44yrs old so its not what they want to do due to risks and more complications..

Any advice please would be grateful!! Am in soo much pain and cant do anything other than, bath, loo and sleep with no appetite 😢😢

Look forward to hearing back

Mish x

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I'm on all except OxyContin... I was in bed most of time, I did get better with time and weaned myself down.. Sorry to hear of your pain :-(

I know it's hard but try and stay positive and I try and do abit more each day even a little walk... Unless a bad day, good luck with operation

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