pregabalin or gabepentin

I was recently prescribed pregabalin from my surgeon in London. As I had to take the back copy of this prescription to my gp I received a call from my gp a few days later to come in and see a doctor. I had only been on the pregabalin for a week at150mg twice a day for 2weeks then jump to 300mg twice a day there after. My doctor wanted me to change to gabapentin as I had only just started taking pregabalin a week ago i Know why he has done this its because pregabalin is expensive compared to gabapentin. He told me this himself.IN the short time I had taken pregabalin this seemed to help but now I am on gaberpentin and this has taken a week to build up to the 1800mg each day which is 600mg 3 times a day and was told by my gp it takes at least a month to feel the benefit if it works where pregabalin works quicker and at a lower dose than this but he really wants me to trial this to see if my pain has lessoned any.ime back at the doctors in a month. I hope this works or I will be at the doctors sooner if I ime in too much pain whilst waiting for this to kick in.Iknow now that pregabalin helped during the short time i was taking it although gaberpentin takes longer to work I shall persevere with it as I have built up over 6 days now to the max dosage which is the 1800 mg a day until I see the doc again. My Question is does gaberpentin help with this nerve damage pain like pregabalin thanks to any body who can relate to my post.

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  • I was on gab for 5 months in agony most of the time on 2400 a day after visit to pain clinic dr changed to pregab at 600 a day and I've seen a massive difference but everyones different , I've also had a contraceptive implant put in my arm to stop ovulation and periods eventually, this I think has been my life saver as these were my terrible times hope this helps.

  • hi, there, I was building up to 1800mg a day of gabapentin in just over 6 days that's now 2x300mg 3 times a day just as my doctor prescribed, but he told me this takes at least a month at this dose to begin to feel the effects. well ime sorry I carnt wait a month for this to work if it does. so ime waiting for a call back tomorrow from my gp who prescribed this to tell him to re prescribe pregabalin as I was just starting to take this as prescribed by my consultant in London as I have previously been on pregabalin in the past but as I put a copy of this prescription I was given in to my doctors letting them know what had been prescribed for me they wanted to see me and try me on gaberpentin instead. I knew before I went to see him it was down to the cost of pregabalin compared to gabapentin and I was right . so I will push for him to prescribe pregabalin and not keep me on this gaberpentin . too much pain with this meds, I know pregabalin acts quicker and relieves better. thanks linda

  • Hi I don't now what pregabalin does but I was taken gaberpentine for years on three three times a day all it done for me was made me more tired .Im now off them still got all my nerve pain but feel a lot like my old self again. I'm haveing cranial Botox in a few weeks to see if that works .if the pregabalin works for you insist to your doctor you what to go back on them .I do wish some times that some of these doctors could just for one minute expereance what it is like to have chronic pain instead of just thinking of cost.Best of Luck Pat

  • Hi, pregabalin is better than gabapentin as it works quicker than gabapentin at getting into the system.I Know as I have just been prescribed gabapentin and ime finding that my pain is not being calmed by this yet, where as pregabalin I can tell it acts quicker and along side taking amitriptyline they work for me. It seems that the doctors are reluctant to prescribe pregabalin because of the cost so give us gabapentin instead its cheaper so my gp told me.

  • I've been on both of these medications and the Pregabalin works best for me. There are days when I need only take one or two and on others I take up to five, that's because the pain varies for me tho' I have no idea why. But occasionally I forget to take one at all and I really feel the difference the next day. My GP hasn't been much use as he knows so little about Pudendal Neuralgia but at least he is happy to keep me on this medication and has never mentioned the cost. My problem at the moment is that I've asked to see a different consultant for a second opinion but keep getting appointments for the surgeon who damaged me in the first place. My GP doesn't seem able to take this on and fight my corner.

    I hope your situation improves soon; thank goodness there are other folk going thro' this and sharing ideas. it helps to keep me sane.

  • Hi there, yes I was on pregabalin for a long time about 10 months last year and even then they wanted to wean me of it just to see if I really needed it and so they slowly reduced it down gradually from 600ng aday to zilch. By this time i was going in for surgery and so came out with no meds but after the initial 6 weeks post op pain had passed the tr.ue extent of my pain really came through. The same pain i have been left with since my original surgery back in feb 2012 when i had a rectocele repair and cystocele repair and a vaginal tape for stress incontinence.Ime sure the surgeon caused this rectal pain that ive suffered ever since

  • I have to be honest with you that it infuriates me that cost comes into care! It should be the best drug for the job, and if you have been prescribed pregabalin, then you should be allowed to have it. I am on pregabalin and I tolerate it so much better. Essentially it is a more refined drug than gabapentin, and you generally need less of it to be effective. I didn't find that gabapentin did that much to help me and made me feel so manky with the side effects. It was a relief to come off it. I know that a drugs efficacy is v. much individual, so hopefully will work for you, but didn't do anything much for me and made me feel v. sick!

    If you do not think it is helping, you have a right to access the best treatment, irrespective of cost!

  • Hello, I've been on both and neither worked for me...terrible side effects with no relief from pain. They are reluctant to try other forms as I'm on anti-depressants which would conflict/contraindicate. I'm still in pain, and have had to accept to manage this myself with relaxation etc. hope you are able to get the one that works for you, not because one is cheaper than the other. Good luck!

  • wow, your GP told you to your face? what an idiot! of course he wanted you to try the cheap crappy drug, he's not the one in pain. I think GPs are all such stupid idiots, they went to school for nothing ! they get pain to prescribe co-codamol (codeine for nerve pain ?? realllyy?) I have no words for how stupid they are hate them all

  • hi there, I agree totally with you there. ime getting a call back from the doctor who prescribed the gabapentin to tell him about the suffering in pain over the xmas period whilst starting this. As you have to build up to the max prescribed and then wait at least a month for this to kick in I carnt wait for it to work that's if it will. I need pain relief now which pregabalin helped when I took it over 2 weeks ago as prescribed by my consultant in London. I was told morphine and tramadol wont help with kind of pain recently but I was given this as like you say they obviously don't understand how nerve damage causes such pain .

  • Whats happened now? Did it work?

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