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Lower back pain, swollen lymph nodes, groin pain

Hi. Sorry for the length of this post, but I'm wondering if anyone has been through something similar. A little history : in 1995( I was 17) I herniated 3 disks in my lower lumbar by slipping on a wet tile floor at work. I went through physio for it. I had been in car accidents previously as well which had already caused whiplash and back strain. I've suffered since with pain sometimes so bad I want to rip off my back and scream. It can be crippling some days. In 2013 I jumped up a set of stairs into a metal bar in the ceiling which knocked me out. Xrays and mri were fine. But constant headaches after. After This in sept 2014 my right foot stopped working sometimes. I would go to step onto it and my foot would just have this sensation of collapsing on me and I would quickstep to my left. No pain though. This is still happening. I also started to notice I couldn't bend my right leg out as much as before. No crosslegged sitting for me. In April of 2015 my lymph nodes in my right groin swelled very painfully and after a few weeks of going to the doctor and him saying it will go down they got bigger. I couldn't walk. My hip and groin were on fire and I had to pull myself across the floor to Tylenol. I went to the Hosp. They couldn't find a reason and recommended std testing. All tests were negative. All blood tests fine. After two weeks sweeling went down and pain decreased but I didn't retain full mobility. One lymph node has remained swollen and occasionally swells and throbs still. In august I had another head/neck injury at work that caused damage to a vertebrae in my neck and a mild concussion. 4 weeks later everything went to hell. I could cope till then. I was pulled out of work with right shoulder pain which was muscle strain they said. At this time my lymph nodes again swelled in my right groin and my armpit hurt. Xrays and ultrasounds on groin and shoulder showed lymph nodes only in groin swelling. Groin nodes continue to hurt. My hip started hurting and feeling full I'll say for lack of a better term and very stiff. Xray and ultrasound on hip fine. Pain continued. I started limping ( but really its more like dragging) my right leg. Extended walking ( around the block) started causing massive shocks and crippling tingling pain throughout my groin and into my legs. It takes my breath away. Stairs can cause it too. Shoes and socks suck. I started to notice myself double triple little stepping before stepping over things which I didn't notice till my mother said something. My doctor asked me to lay on my back last month and he gently rubbed both sides of my back just over my hip which found two spots either side that I swear he jabbed . but he justlightly touched. Xray and ultrasound found two small hernias. He sent me to a hip specialist after this who didn't understand why I was there. He said I have the start of arthritis, but he thinks I may have a ovarian cyst and wants my doctor to send me for a back mri and catscan. I'm exhausted. I can't sleep. I have no energy. I feel crooked. And it feels like my doc doesn't give a damn. Has anyone been through anything similar? I'm getting so frustrated. Its been months of what feels like a run around. I just want to go back to normal

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How awful to suffer year after year!!! It is humiliating to be so disabled but nothing shows on tests and medical providers begin to believe "it's all in your head." Don't know about you, but I now have huge "anticipatory anxiety" about going to a new doctor and telling my "story." Maybe you have tried this already? Is there a medical caseworker or social worker or therapist who can help you coordinate and problem-solve your treatment possibilities? He/she can also help you cope with the frustration, may be aware of community resources, and teach stress reduction and cognitive techniques for chronic pain. Just to have even one person on your side might be a relief.


After 36 years of chronic pain due to many injuries along the years n neuropathic pain even before it had a name, I too have crippling anxiety about the idea of going even to doctors I’ve seen before. The anx starts building day before, can’t sleep night before and in n out of bathroom to pee. When I get to doc n they they take my blood pressure it’s always too high even tho I take Med for high BP.


silent_rain...I hope you are better since your post months ago. I had same symptoms now which is very indentical. I have mixed connective tissue disease and RA for years. In Beginning of June my left ankle started sweeling along with my left foot and made it hard to walk so I limped. I started having lower back pain in my lumbar region. Doctors did venious ultrasound to check for blood clot. Came back negative. Swelling would get better off and on. In July started having pain in left groin/ inigual lymph node in left side. I woke up one morning and had very limted range of motion in left leg and literally limped the entire day . by the end of the day. I could not get off the toilet and stand up on my own and had to drag my leg forward with my arms. Ended up in ER. xray of back OK. Ultrasounf did show "something" in left lymph node which they said was an "infection" but to follow up with primary dr. Gave me amoxicillan for infection. Got a little better but I still have discomfort in lymph node and groin area. Now the discomfort is starting on right groin/ lymphnode.

Next week I will be having ultrasound of pelvic region and abdomen. My lower back still hurting. Hope you are well.


Have you tried chiropractic? Find one that uses an activator. you can find them on activator.com


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