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TVT mesh

Hi, have anyone heard about tvt mesh, and the problems that go with it, I have 3 of them in me, Costs of Failed TVT Surgery



As we all know, the NHS is now bearing the cost of operating on patients whose breast or hip implants have failed years earlier than predicted with varying outcomes on the patient’s health and wellbeing.

The NHS must also bear the cost of remedial surgery when there are problems with TVT or other synthetic meshes.

When mesh surgery goes wrong, there are multiple trips to the GP, hospital clinic, costs of tests including ultrasound scans, urodynamics, MRI scans, and cystoscopies, and then eventually repeat surgery (and sometimes multiple surgeries) and hospital inpatient treatment to remove part or all of the tape which is eroding or causing obstruction or pain. On top of this, add the cost of medication eg for pain or antibiotic treatment, and trips to the pain clinic for treatment or injections. Throw in the cost of continence products, such as catheters, and you might have a better idea of the real cost to the NHS of failed TVT surgery.

The personal costs to the individual include: physical pain, suffering, ill-health and sometimes disability from TVT complications; costs to relationships and family life; disruption to working life and possible loss of income from repeated treatments and time off for surgery; and sometimes cost of funding second opinions and treatment out of desperation.

All surgery has risks and all surgery can fail. But unlike other forms of continence surgery, synthetic mesh seems to pose unique risks from the plastic material causing erosion, infection, inflammation, tissue or organ damage and pain. Plastic meshes cause misery and are fundamentally unsafe.

“Synthetic mid-urethral slings for stress urinary incontinence seem to have good success rates over long term, but they have a unique complication profile including de novo development of overactive bladder, voiding dysfunction, sling exposures, dyspareunia, and long-term pain. However, some of these complications seem to be related to wrong surgical indications and improper surgical techniques, although some complications may be directly related to the use of synthetic material itself.”

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hi HuskywomeN

I had TVT tape inserted several years ago and have suffered pelvic (bone)pain for about 5 years and noone has investigated it.I get the feeling of heaviness in that area and am swollen,and yes it can be disabling.

I am wondering if that could partly be the cause of my swollen abdomen.Twice my abdomen has increased suddenly by 2-3 kgs more or less overnight


This seems to be a common issue with mesh. I was on a yahoo site and we all talked about our "pregnant bellies". It is from inflammation. I have public bone pain also. They attach the sling to the public bone with a staple. My sling has been removed. Dr. Raz, UCLA CA had to pry it out of the bone. I still have a good size divit in the bone where it was located.


That could be wrong with me , it feels as if the bladder is pulling down and pressure in my bowel, back is sore in the pelvic area, some day I have trouble sitting down, going to mention to doctor next time


if this is the cause of my symptoms,my abdomen has not got bigger steadily but suddenly twice of 2-3 kgs,


Yes, that is my experience as well. Usually from moving around. When I would do bed rest it calmed down back to normal. I'm better now since mesh 100% removed.


Definitely let the doctor know. Mesh complications are becoming more widely known. But some doctors are still using it and most are not aware of what to do when they happen. Research your area for a doctor who deals with mesh complications. Best wishes for full recovery.


thanks will discuss it with a gp if i can get an appt tomorrow


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