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support in London

Dear all,

i have had pelvic pain for the past year......pudendal nerve irritation symptoms....been trying so many seeing a PT etc.

But as a result i have become very isolated from family and friends as i feel no one can really understand what i am going thru and it has been hard to maintain friendships especially as i am unable to move much at the moment.

i was wondering if there are any support groups which meet in London?

thank you

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I have pudendal nerve damage and would also love to hear if there any any groups that meet in London. I live in Bromley, Kent. I belong to a couple of Facebook groups just for pudendal nerve sufferers,if you'd like the details, let me know.

Take care


I am also severely isolated. I don't bother trying to meet people in this new city because I am in such pain. But I live in the US. I really hope you make some good friends; good luck and best wishes to you...


I also am a member of a FB group and I am sure that would offer you huge support and you would meet people through it who live in London. x


It is a journey I know well. You will find new friends where and when possible that fit Your needs. You have found support here. Know you are not alone in this. Swimming and being in salt water pools helps me daily, hot tubs too. The people at the gyms I go relate enough to help daily for added emotional support. A good sensitive psycotherpist therapist is worth his/her weight in gold for perspective and something that is yours. One with a place to lie down:) You will heal just set yourself up with gentle yoga, and meditation as you navigate. There are people out there trained to help in so many healthy ways like accupuncture, visceral therapy and pelvic pt.

I hope you find a support group in London. Im in the Us.


Look in your messages folder.


Hi all,

thank you for your replies. I don't use Facebook....:( not sure how i can access those groups.

i tried to respond to the PM you sent me 66crusader, but i don't think it goes through. I am not sure why...?


You only live a about 7 miles from me, so if you wanted to meet up some time I'd be happy to. I'm retired and have quite a busy life and also we help out with the grandchildren but it would be nice to talk to someone with the same problem to share advice etc. Let me know if you'd like to and I'll private message you my email address.


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