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London Neurography

I just stumbled across a new scan claiming it can detect nerve damage, its called Magnetic resonance neurography and theres a clinic in London offering the scan. For years I have been bouncing to and from specialist s and physical therapists here in Ireland, with very little improvement in my condition and a diagnosis of anismus, which is when the puborectalis muscle can not relax properly with no real explanation why. I am hoping this scan can finally give me some answers and a suitable treatment method to follow, just wondering has anyone else got the scan done and what were the results ?

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I've never heard of it, it sounds very interesting and I'd love to know how it goes, as like you , I've been bounced from one to another trying to get a proper diagnosis. They think it's pudendal nerve entrapment from the surgery I had 7 years ago but they aren't really sure. I was due to gave an investigative op but at the pre op assessment, I have a heart abnormality and I have to have an angiogram to find out what's wrong before they'll do the investigative operation. How much better to have a scan to confirm if it is PNE, my poor pelvis has been through enough.

Could you please give me the contact details if you don't mind, as when my heart is sorted out I'd love to have a scan. You have to try these things and how much easier a scan than an operation.

Good luck, I hope it goes well and I'd love to know what you think after please.

Best wishes


No problem, I'll leave the link to the website on the bottom of this reply. I just completed the form on their website to request an appointment, I will keep you posted on how I get on. I also read on there website the scan is completely radiation free and 100% safe, so it mite suit you a bit better than an invasive investigation, that said I am obviously not a doctor but had that investigation done before and learned very little from it.

Best of luck, I'll be in touch soon.


Thank you so much, good luck and I'll look forward to hearing what you thought.

Take care


I have had this scan in London privately , it rules out rather than rules in nerve damage.


St Luke's and Northwick hospital in North London. Private and NHS do these tests. The consultant to ask would be Ms Carolynne Vaisey, good luck.



I was contemplating on having a MRN here in the U.S. in 2007. But at that time it wasn't covered by insurance. Cash only. I read an article saying that the scan can view the larger nerves in our body.


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