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Chronic vaginal/vulval itching and burning with no infection

Now on top of my bladder symptoms, following a cystoscopy I flared up with vaginal itching and burning. It was probably a reaction to betadine that they put on me, but now I have chronic itching and burning. I know this happens with postmenopausal women, but I do use topical estrogen (Premarin) and it still happens. It comes and goes. My doctor thinks it could be an autoimmune illness but I don't seem to fit in any of the categories; there is no smell or consistent discharge, etc. Has anyone on here experienced this?

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Join the closed Facebook group called pudendal neuralgia hope, sounds like nerve issues


I closed my Facebook account for various reasons. I was wondering if anyone on here has the same problems.


Look on the pudendal hope website. It sounds like pudendal neuralgia


Thank you :)

I may have that as well, but I didn't read anything about itching. I used some hydrocortisone and it seemed to help...


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