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Saw pain management Dr 10/30 for sedated bilateral Pudental Nerve Block. I was not put to sleep but sedation helped me to relax and I was able to leave Dr's office so my daughter could drive me home. Shots were not painful.

Rested remainder of day and Saturday felt great. Did not drive and was on my feet most of the day.

Unfortunately by Sunday I am back on Tramadol50 and Ibupropen.

See Dr again on 11/10 to see what he recommends. I may try Amitriptylene for eight weeks to see if that helps.

Will post again after next Dr visit. I don't know how you with stabbing pain are able to endure. My pain is tightening, pin prick sensations, rectal pressure and low back pain.


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  • I take methadone (5mg every 6 hours). That dulls the pain by about 40 - 50%. Internal physical therapy helps so much but the pain usually comes back within 24 hours or so. If I could have PT every morning I'd feel pretty much perfect, but I only get 2 sessions a month. However, bf just learned to do internal on me but im kinda uncomfortable with him doing it. Im actually way more comfortable with my PT doing it!

  • How did he learn that??

  • He went to one of my PT sessions with me and the therapist showed him how to do it and even gave him a diagram of the muscles so that he knows where to aim.

  • From my experience unless they get the diagnosis first pain management is only very temporary. I would suggest you ask your neurologist to do MR Neurography of the pelvic nerves ( I presume you have to wait until the nerve block wears off ) In the meantime all the best, take it easy.

  • Is your low back pain intense? How it all happened? I havr PNE but what hurts me more sometimes is lowback. I had a surgery for disc herniation l5-s1 (well performed according a lot of doctors) too, but the pain was the same before. I hope your doing well. Best wishes

  • My back ache is low in sacrum area. It only began after having coccyx removed which was dangling and inverted.

    I have had pressure on rectum and hoped removing coccyx would resolve problem.

    I have been to numerous Drs and they say nothing is wrong with back.

    My back aches if I stand or sit too long. I may try Amitriptylene or Gabapenyin for neuralgia again. I had problems taking Gabapentin before but was okay on Amitriptylene but gave it only two weeks. Since it was not helping I stopped taking it.

    I have listened to Dr Stanley Antolak's YouTube presentation and he suggested eight weeks of Amitriptylene. He is one of the Drs (he's located in Minnesota) who specializes in decompression surgery.

    Since my pain is not stabbing or shooting pain I don't want to try surgery as I understand success rate is not high. Rocky68

  • I was "prescribed"? with amytriptiline with my doctor and had 2 nerve blocks guided at the pudendal nerve. (At alcock's canal level) this was made in a way to prepare me before infiltration and continue after... But the effect didn't last for long-term... Have you tried with chiropractor? It may help.. at least for me it does.. But as I said before it did not last as much as I would like to but it did gave me some pain relief.

  • Yes. I have been to chiropractor and had physical therapy as well.

    Are you still on Amitriptylene? What dose and does it help?

  • I actually left all medications because of an horrible.experience with ravotril (I consume it for almost 2 years but the problems with side effects were horrible) I dont use any drugs for pain except ibuprofeno but I suppose to continue with amytriptiline... Well not a case of example but I can't use any drugs...

  • Hi Rocky ,I am sorry did not find the nerve block helped . Was it done guided by Xray (fluoroscopy) MRI ultrasound or CT Scan ? I have read that it is essential to get the needle in the right place.

  • It was x-Ray guided shot. My problem must be positional as I only have really intense spasms and muscle spasms when I lay down. I can usually sit for 20 minutes on a pillow and never have intense pain just uncomfortable sitting. Laying down presents more problems so a nerve must be compressed when I am horizontal.

  • Thanks for that Rocky .It seems ridiculous that they cant see whats happening with some sort of scan.!

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