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Help!! Anyone with answers! Please

I have had severe right hip pain for 3 years with no solution. It is located at the bottom of the hip joint (ischial tuberosity). My toes and fingers go numb when I sit for longer then 30 mins. The most pain in the hip happens when I lift the leg to walk. I have had x-rays, mri, and CT scans. I also have horrific cramps every month during my period along with irregular flow and large clots. I have read many posts that are similar and want to know if anyone else has found any solutions. I have had to take tramdol and ibuprofen so much that it makes me sick. My Dr. Suspects endometriosis. I am going in for a laparoscopy as soon as the Dr. has an opening. I live in severe pain every single day. I am just wondering, if anyone had found similar symptoms and what I could do to treat them!!

Thank you

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