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After laparoscopy

Hi all.

I had my laparoscopy on the 7th July (2 weeks ago) to see if I had endometriosis or not... Turns out I never had that, it was just a cyst on my ovaries... But now I am a few days late on my period from it.. I'm still having sever me back aching pains that are effecting my day to day activities I am really struggling also I have got the worst belly ache and bad wind ... The belly ache is unreal though... Any advice??

Thank you in advance 👍🏼😊 xxx

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Some cysts are caused by endometriosis. You should have been informed about the size of the cyst and what type of cyst it is. The size of it should be monitored over a few months. Cysts that persist and increase in size should be removed surgically: excision is recognized to be the most effective way of doing this and use of a bag to remove the contents is recommended. There are guidelines on this. It is were me I would ensure that you you have a skilled surgeon. Are you trying/intending to conceive ?


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