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Hi everyone,

Recently I underwent lap surgery for endo but they found nothing. Since having my little boy almost two years ago I've had deep pain on intercourse, pain on bowel movements sometimes blood is present, I am unable to feel the urge to have bowel movements or urinate until I'm bursting and have to dash, left sided abdominal/pelvic/lower back/hip pain that can go to the middle and right side but it is primarily left sided, chronic fatigue always tired/low energy, constipation but not always, unable to strain and have to use a pad in my vagina down to my perineuim to push bowel movements out.

Just wondering of anyone else has had this? I originally thought prolapses but two Drs ruled it out, on checking I have noticed bulges in my vagina up to the opening where it looks blocked by these bulges almost popping out, even worse when my bladder & bowel are full. Can prolapses be missed? I am convinced this is the source of my problems, it was the first thing I mentioned!! I have an ultrasound at the end of the month and a gastro referral but should I wait and see what they show or go to my GP sooner to talk about these bulges?

Its horrific, I have no sex life putting a strain on our relationship, the pains can be awful, now im concerned about social occassions, I've had to stay close to a loo when I go anywhere and had some close calls but recently on a night out with the girls the queue was long in a bar we were at & by the time I got into the cubical it was too late luckily i had a black dress on which was my only saving grace and went home straight after! Its so embarassing!!!! Feel like a 70 year old and im only 26!

If it turns out to be prolapses im not sure physio will help after this long? I do my pelvic floors religiously it hasnt helped. I also eat a balanced diet.

Any info & advice would be great! :)


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Hi Retti,

The bulges you describe do sound a bit like prolapse but as you only had a baby 2 years ago it may be just taking a while to go back to "normal".

I had an anterior repair 2 years ago & I also have a rectocele. I'm off to see a consultant this afternoon actually to see what can be done about it as it is starting to affect my daily life.

You should avoid getting constipated as it could make things worse. I was advised to always do pelvic floor exercises.

I would say you need to be referred to a gynaecologist to check your pelvic floor. They can then put your mind to rest & suggest what you can do. They can always get an appointment for you with a specialist physiotherapist if necessary.

You are still young, I'm sure they can help. :)


I had prolapses ruled out by two Drs one being a Gyne but I'm convinced thats what they are and maybe were mild but have got worse over the past 6 months as I only noticed recently and its all the way to the opening looks like two golf balls either side but carries on further up. I had a really rough birth ending in forceps and episiotomy. I bled that much being induced too I thought I was dying lol was stuck to a machine monitored for hours and they think it was caused by a polyp coming away though non were ever seen so must have been inside my uterus.

Think I'm going to take a photo to show my Dr as its getting more uncomfortable now, the pressure when walking is like im 8 months pregnant. Two years seems an awful long time to get back to normal when I first went to the Dr she said everything should be back to normal by a year. Its put me off carrying another child, I know so many people who have gone on to have more kids and have a healthy sex life and yet me & my partner cant even be intimate because its so painful. Normal is the last thing I feel. I eat a balanced diet and even eating things to stop constipation it makes no difference I still feel like my bladder & bowels arent empty even after doing my best to push manually through my vagina. But thanks think I'm defs going to see my GP about going back to Gyne or to a Physio. If it is this I hope physio can fix it but I already do my pelvix floor exercises everyday.



If the prolapse (and it sounds very like it ) is visible having physio will do nothing, once its come down no amount of pelvic floor work will push it back up, having said that Pilate's does help because its a different technique but again that won't repair the damage, but you might be able to halt the progress somewhat.

I have bladder prolapse which cause dragging heaviness and pelvic pain, it's visible but still contained, just, it effects my daily life but GP has been reluctant to do anything, I saw a new more sympathetic GP this morning and I'm hopeful she will get this sorted.

You sound to be in a worse state than me you poor thing, you have my sympathies, get back to your GP and demand a referral to a Consultant, I wouldn't waste time with physio.

Good luck


Ask to get checked for Pudendal Nerve damage. This can cause similar problems, but hardly any specialists recognize it after traumatic birth. Sorry you are suffering. I am also suffering the same after a forceps birth with my son two years ago.


Thanks everyone. I thought after what I've read because its broken through now physio will most likely not work. Pretty annoying because had they of just said earlier you have a really mild prolapse we will send you to physio and get you sorted then happy days it would have probably helped but now that I can see it im really concerned. Id love another little one eventually - birth actually didnt put me off as rough as it was but its everything since that has done it. I dont think I could put up with more years of all this when its impacting my relationship and social life and lack of energy with my son. Plus I'm very greatful to have one child when so many others struggle, I was thinking from a financial point of view too and we would be saving years to take two on things like holidays where as with my son we could do more. But thats a conversation for my partner lol, also there is no chance of us even getting pregnant when you cant have sex! I have just requested all my medical records since I was pregnant to see everything. Luckily I have quite a good Dr now I'm sure she will be helpful.



Hi, just thought I'd let you know my new consultant said I should go back to the physiotherapist as he says it will help my prolapse (perhaps just from getting any worse as I agree it's not going to push it back up!) my youngest "child" is 19 so it's still relevant after all this time!! Hope it all works out for you :)


I have been

Misdiagnosed for 8 months with all kind of illnesses and i went to see a pelvic floor physio and she was first person to do a internal and found prolapse, very high enterocele and a tear in my intrious!

All this time noone knew what it was, no dr no gynae ?

I have no idea what this means for me as i only got diagnosed couple days ago but was told no surgery more physio? So who knows

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