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Treatment options for adenomyosis

Hi guys

Hoping for a little advice here. Having suffered with pelvic pain for many years now, my gynae strongly suspects I have adenomyosis. On their advice I have tried two coils, both of which were agonising disasters, plus pretty much every type of hormone tablet. Long story short, I'm still in a lot of pain and bleeding on a pretty much daily basis. I'm off to see the gynae again next week to try and get further treatment. I'm tempted to push for a hysterectomy as my hubbie and I have decided not to have kids for various reasons, however my gynae was very reluctant to sign off on it last time around as I'm only 33. I've also read of uterine artery embolisation as a possible treatment of adenoymosis. Has anyone tried it, and if so what sort of affect did it have- did it help? And what are people's experiences of being referred to a hysterectomy, particular having had no children- was it difficult? How did you argue your case? Any advice gratefully received!

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I would put off hysterectomy, keep as a last resort as only swaps it for a different set of problems. I had one at 30 and now have prolapse problems. Have you tried GNRH medical menopause? Lasts for 6 months, then cycle should resume. I had this for a year for endometriosis and suspected adenomyosis before hysterectomy. Wish I had waited to see what happened when cycle resumed. Just something to research. Good luck with your treatment.


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