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Hi all. I'm 49 year old mum to 2 teenagers. I've been struggling with mentstral problems and pelvic pain for many years. At the end of October 2014 I had a complete hysterectomy. I had adenomyosis, endometriosis & large fibroids removed along with all of my tubes, ovaries uterus etc. I am now an empty vessel but I have been experiencing excruciating hot burning groin pain on my right side that goes down into my right leg almost to my knee. I've had this almost every day for about 8 weeks. When the pain is at its worst I have to frequently empty my bladder & bowels just like I was in labour. I've been sick the pain has been so intense. I've had blood & urine samples taken by my GP but all is clear. I'm really gutted as I hoped I would be fit and well after my surgery. I was looking forward to life so much. I dread this pain as I never know if I'm in for a day of it or 15 minutes. It happens so frequently and suddenly I'm scared to go out. Any help would be so much appreciated.

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  • Ask to be refered to a pain specialist, I suffer similar problems & after seeing bowel docs ( said IBS) & dismissed by gyny, pain doc said knew what it could be! In my case nerve damage from hyst...mines still on going treatment as have other problems but they took me seriously. Good luck & don't give up! ūüėÉ

  • Its a nerve, could be one or more. Hysterectomies can cause nerve damage. Take alpha lipoic acid 600mg a day and B-12. See a nerve surgeon or neurologist your gyn most likely won't know. Google Dr Lee Dellon and read about nerves from his website. Good luck, I have the same issues after mine.

  • Thank you so much pepper1977. I will start looking into this. Bless you, I hope yours gets resolved quickly too. Thanks.

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