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Fibroid pain relief

Hi everyone, I have recently been diagnosed with a large fibroid. I am 26 and have not yet had children, I am awaiting an appointment with the gynaecologist to discuss the next steps. In the meantime I am struggling to cope with the pain it is causing me. I am using over the counter pain relief and a hot water bottle! I get strong cramps and pressure in my stomach that come and go every few minutes, constant back pain, a dull ache (like toothache) in the tops of my legs that make it difficult to walk and constant nausea. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with this? I am struggling to sleep or eat and I have to go to work this afternoon!

Thanks in advance.

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Can you get a heat pad that you can attach to your abdomen from a pharmacy : these last for a few hours ?


Thankyou for the response I have been considering buying some of these. Would be much easier to wear one of these when out and about rather than a hot water bottle!


Hello. My sympathies with you. First of all you have made the correct decision to visit a gynaecologist. Make sure you tell him you are in terrible pain and ask him about the best and safest way to relieve the pain. Tell him straight that you are not sleeping and finding it difficult to work! I was older than you (34) when I started to have extremely heavy periods and excruciating pain. In fact I got to the point when my periods would last for 3 weeks. I was put on pain relief and medication to thin out the bleeding. But I like yourself developed a fibroid just as my mother had. I unfortunately do not have children. AS you are young and are suffering badly try to get a second opinion from another gynaecologist to compare notes. I know that the medical world has come on leaps and bounds and hopefully your fibroid may shrink or be removed without having a hysterectomy which I had. I am not a nurse or medical advisor but try to get some advice from the health advisors on this support network. Keep the panadol or paracetamol going along with the hot water bottles and baths to sooth you. Put some lavender oil into your bath. Drink plenty of water. Stay strong and be brave and direct with your Dr and Gynaecologist.

Keep safe.

Bess you.



Thank you for your response it is very much appreciated! I know everyone deals with pain in their own way and it is comforting knowing that others have their ways to ease it a little. I will try lavender oil in the bath and can see how it would be relaxing. Did you find that your symptoms disappeared once your fibroid was removed? I find it odd that some people have symptons whilst others barely notice it. Thanks again for sharing your experience.


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