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3cm Cyst on ovary and one they can't find? I need help

OK i have been told that my severe pain is caused by a Cyst on my ovary it is

3cm. And it would go away on it's own no need to worry. I have PCOS POLLY CYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME. They also said I have endometriosis but haven't done anything to prove one way or the other. One of my ovary dont even show up on a ultrasound . I read a post how a wOman had the same issue and years went by before they found that the cyst had ruptured and destroyed the ovary. Can this happen and do I just state my concerns.

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It's not uncommon for any female to develop a small cyst like yours whether they have PCOS or not. Most resolve on their own with possible surgical intervention considered if the cyst grows much larger. Cysts don't usually result in destruction of the ovary except in a few cases and I do think if there was any reason to believe that would happen to you that would have been mentioned so I wouldn't worry too much

I'm surprised you've been given a diagnosis of endometriosis when it sounds as though you haven't had a lap to prove its presence which is the only way to prove you have it and is considered the ' gold standard '. People have been told they have it based on scans and symptoms and the surgeon has gone in expecting to find it and it hasn't been found - this includes severe cases. Symptoms can raise suspicion of endometriosis but alone are a poor indicator as symptoms can be caused be other conditions. MRIs/ultrasounds can be useful especially when used in a woman who has proven endometriosis but pelvic anatomy with or without endometriosis can be distorted by adhesions which can form from previous surgery for appendix removal, pelvic infection etc

At this stage it sounds as though you need to ask for a repeat scan later on in the year to see if the cyst has resolved or grown. The results from the scan will allow your doctors to decide if any surgical intervention is needed or if it can continue to be left alone, if this is the case please don't be disheartened as although you say you are in pain now you could still remain in pain even if the cyst is removed from the ovary. Only have it removed if the doctors advise it and/or the pain becomes very severe. I've had endometriosis removed from my ovary and had constant pain with periods coming from it despite no reoccurrence of endometriosis there until I was put long term on zoladex for adenomyosis which has helped both the endometriosis and adenomyosis.

Also depending on how severe your symptoms are at the moment you could consider undergoing a lap to confirm the presence of endometriosis - you don't mention if the ' diagnosis ' was from your GP or a gynaecologist. If your symptoms are controlled at the moment with medications you are on then you could say you have possible endometriosis but it is important to state this if you have to go into hospital for any reason if you haven't had it confirmed by a lap

I hope this helps


Please see an endometriosis excision specialist...there are only around 100 true specialists...oby/gyns can't help you...they are "baby and birthing dr's" so see a specialist...I had a hysterectomy with ovaries removed to "cure" my endo...20 years of struggling with this disease...the removal of my female organs did NOT cure me...the only way to get your life back is to have the disease cut out by a specialist...if you would like info on finding a specialist...feel free to private message me!

it can get better but if you do as I did and get into the hands of un-qualified dr.'s it will get much worse before it gets better! This is not a disease to mess with it's much worse then "bad periods"


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