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Seminal Vesicle cyst

Has anybody out there had a symptomatic Seminal Vesicle cyst?. I am convinced I have one but having difficulty getting a diagnosis. It is causing me nightmare pain in the pubic area but more so in my right testicle. Also the medication, Targinact, causes me as much distress. I am looking for someone who has, or had this condition to share their experience. Thanks

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I have heard of a couple of people who have had this, one of them was very young and saw a paediatric urology specialist. Have you seen a urologist and mentioned what you think this is ?


Thank you for your reply. I was diagnosed last September with seminal Vesicle cyst by a general surgeon who referred me to a urologist. These cysts are rarely symptomatic and the urology radiologist made that decision, so the urologist put me on antibiotics and discharged me. I am now waiting to see another urologist but waiting times are long.


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