15 and pain suffering!

Hi there! I hope you may take the time to read and respond to my post. Last year in March 2014 I was rushed into hospital for an emergency laparotomy to remove a 10cm torted ovarian cyst. Then in May 2014 I began to suffer pains again so had a laparoscopic operation to remove adhesions which were pulling my ovary up. Ever since I have been suffering with chronic stomach pain with no relief. I also suffer from constipation and have been on Movicol sachets for about 7 months now. I have a feeling my symptoms may be due to endo? Any advice appreciated thanks!x

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  • This is possible. Have you seen the letter that was written after to your GP after the surgery ? it should say what type of cyst it was. If it was an endometrioma this means it is endometriosis and these cysts can recur. It isn't unreasonable to request an ultrasound scan to check from time to time.

  • No unfortunately we did not got a copy of the letter, all we were told is that it was benign. I'm due to have an ultrasound in approx. 3 weeks so see the results from that x

  • You have a right to request a copy from the hospital. Even though it's benign doesn't mean there isn't anything that needs attention. Endometriosis and other conditions can have a major impact on quality of life and shouldnm't be ignored/dismissed.

  • I will talk to my mum and see if we can get a copy of the results from previous treatments. Thanks for the help x

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