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I've had a few pelvic abscesses this year, 2 resolved spontaneously and 1 was removed following laparotomy where my tube, ovary and appendix was removed (emergency surgery). I've had pelvic inflammation for well over a year now and it was thought the cause was due to my tube etc being stuck down and covered with adhesions but it appears not because I have now supposedly recovered from surgery but the inflammation is continuing but so much worse. It is now affecting my whole pelvis. Some relief comes with rest but as soon as I have been up and about for 5 mins or more the discomfort is back again: pain above pubic bone right across both sides to hips and my back is so so sore plus it feels as my glands are swollen in my groins and between my legs. It feels as though my whole pelvis is swollen including my vaginal area. I've got no uterus, no tubes, no ovaries, no cervix, no appendix. Anyone got any suggestions as to what could be causing the pelvic inflammation ( def inflamed as blood CRP is high). Thanks and sorry I can't help anyone with their posts.

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Hi Sarisota, I would love to say I have the answer, but sadly not. I have been in the same position as you. My pelvic inflammation and pain has been uncontrolled for over 4 years and is now affecting multiple organs, almost as if it's spreading (heart and liver). Unfortunately they left my appendix in although they removed the adhesions and Fallopian tube (2nd op). It started with an 8cm access whichever caused multiple adhesions on surrounding organs. Being a virgin and now only 19 years old, the original cause was not known (medical mystery were the words used!). I'm being referred to an immunologist as it may be an inflammatory response caused by a trigger caused by something else! A microbiologist is looking at my old ecology and my old MRIs are being reviewed. High inflammation and infection markers are indicated. There is an MRI which can apparently track high white cell counts, but they not sure if that would show anything. It might be a suggestion for you to look into trying. Good luck, I would love to hear how you get on and will let you know if the miracle happens to me, but in the meantime, Butrans, tramadoland paracetamol help. All the best.


Thank you for replying. I cannot believe you are only 19 and having to deal with all of this. I am moaning yet your plight sounds much worse. I do wish you all the very best and that a cure can be found for you soon. If I find anything of any use I will be posting back on here like a flash in the hope that it might help others. Take care.


Thank you for your kind words. We're all in this together and if one small trigger or bite of information helps someone else on their path to recovery, then it makes life more bearable for the person it helped. We're off to try Gabapentin again for nerve pain,but a high dose this time. The MRI was inconclusive and they don't know what infection they are treating. Back off to the pain clinic! Good luck with finding out the underlying issue. Every little bit of relief adds up. If I find out the cause of the infection and inflammation I will post it, but having had several ops I have a feeling it's adhesions playing havoc again. Good luck.


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