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Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis and bleeding

Hi all. So I finally feel a bit like I'm getting somewhere after having surgery Thursday. For over a year I have suffered with chronic pelvic pain, irregular bleeding and pain during and after intercourse. Turns out I had several pelvic adhesions; uterus to pelvic wall, right ovary to uterus to list a couple. I'm hoping that the surgery will now stop the problems I've been having long enough for my husband and I to conceive but time will tell.

The problem I currently have is bleeding and tiredness. I know my surgery was only 3 days ago but I am bleeding more so than when I get my period and it's a bright red. I was warned I'd have some bleeding but I expected only spotting. Do I need to worry about this or just let it run its course? Can I assume my tiredness is due my body healing?

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Bless you, I have been told I have this surgery coming up next as I've got multiple adhesions etc. I'd say if you're worried, to ring your gp to put your mind at ease - I did that when I had my diagnostic lap last month! Hope you feel better soon xx


Hey. Thanks for the reply. I was going to call my GP today if the bleeding continued, but it seems to have calmed down a lot now. I also managed to find an article online that said bleeding can last for up to a week *groan*

Hope your surgery goes well and you're back on your feet relatively quickly xx


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