pelvic and hip pain

Hi all, I need some advice, I have been having period like pain for the last 2 months. I have been given Mafanic Acid and also Naproxen, they help sometimes but like today the pain was so bad I felt it when I walk. even y hips when I sit down and to get up my left hip hurt so bad. At times the pain is so much the heel of my feet hurts. I have asked the doctors to do an investigation but they say they have to treat the symptoms first, which does not help me. Does any one has any idea what it could be.

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  • Do you think it is linked to your periods ? Have you thought about keeping a diary for a few months so that you and your doctor can see when the pain occurs and how limiting it is ?

    It's true that it's important to deal with the pain as it can take quite some time to find out what's causing it. It may be worth seeing a physiotherapist.

    Let us know how you get on, good luck

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