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Scar tissue pain & getting pregnant

I have recently found out (after many years of doctors visits) that I have scar tissue which is connecting my womb & ovaries to my pelvis, either caused my endometriosis or a past undiscovered infection. I have opted to have a laparoscopy to have it removed due to the amount of pain it is causing. The Dr has told me that they won't know if my fertility is affected until I try for a baby, but also that I could still do this without having the scar tissue removed. However I 'm scared this could cause more pain. Has any one else experienced this & was the pain better or worse?

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In your position, I would try to conceive for a few months before having any surgery. It won't cause more pain and could help the situation due to the hormones released during pregnancy. If nothing happens, surgery is worth a try but it can make things worse and adhesions/scar tissue usually reforms.

I have experience of this and the pain was the same either way.

Let us know how you get on, good luck

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Thank you. I was concerned that the growth during pregnancy would cause more pain. I have agonising pain during my period which means I struggle to stand & function as normal. I am worried that the added weight/pressure would cause constant pain. I have only 4 months to wait now for my op so was initially planning on waiting but the wait is awful.


Physical therapy can do wonders to free up scar tissue and tight muscles and significantly reduce pain. Pelvic Health and Rehab is a wonderful resource. Once that's addressed, mind-body coaching can help immensely to learn how to focus in your body in a way that feels way better and release lots of stored tension, significantly reducing pain.


Hi gLou, unfortunately pain is a possibility in any scenario. If you go for the surgery there's no guarantee until they get in and have a look that they'll be able to cure everything with just key hole. You run risk of getting adhesions from the healing tissue. You may then be faced with open surgery. I speak from experience and once they start fiddling with you in that area you do need to be mentally prepared for fact that anything can happen. In my case I had to have the open surgery to be able to conceive and because my issues were going to get worse anyway - the surgery cured one ill then left me with another - severe adhesions. I had a Laproscopy to try and cure them but after 2 hours the surgeon decided it had become too dangerous. I had two options - further open surgery which would be dangerous or being rushed through IVF with a view to having a hysterectomy. I'm only 39 with no kids. There was another option - getting pregnant would stretch everything anyway and if this happened there is hope that my pain issues would be resolved in the long term. As luck would have it, after 10 years of trying and the success of the first op to cure the underlying issue I fell pregnant naturally just over 3 months ago. I found out on the day the IVF appt arrived. I've had a lovely pregnancy but knew at around 12wks that that could change as my womb lifts and shifts forward. The last 7 days have been painful and uncomfortable but the MW and Drs have been fab and with regular scans I can see baby is just fine and dandy which helps increase my pain threshold. I'm also thinking this will prob help me get my head around labour when the time comes. Altho my initial surgery was essential I would have much preferred to have become pregnant without it. It is a sad truth that I wasn't fully aware of - that once they start fiddling with your core you'll always be different - I suppose pregnant women will say the same. Anyway what I think I'm trying to get at is natural is best, surgery a last resort and try not to focus on the pain as a decision maker but your long term physical and mental health. Baby might just fix everything without needing to go under the knife. Good luck with whatever you decide and if you need us just shout! We understand what you're going through.


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