I have a lump under my C-section scar. Its extremely painful.Especially during my Menstrual cycle, the pain continues for 7-10 days after?

I have had the lump for 3 yrs & I can no longer live with the pain. It gets worse every month. I have seen Dr after Dr but they are dismissive & not concerned. My OB thinks its just scar tissue, but I have read about Endometriosis which fits my symptoms best. My Dr. doesn't think its endo because my ultra-sound revealed nothing. Which from what I have read it says you rarely see endo in ultrasound. Is there a possibility it is Scar tissue or something other then Endometriosis?

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  • Have you had a scan during the menstrual cycle ? it's possible that it may only be visible at that time. This is not usually possible on the NHS due to the lack of flexiblity with appointments and the timing of when they are scheduled. Are you able to have a private scan and to ask for someone who is experienced in gyne ultrasound ?

  • I had the same thing and it was endometriosis. Seven years after the c section I had it reopened and the endometriosis removed. The best thing to do is have the lump biopsied. That is how it was discovered mine was endometriosis.

  • When nerves are cut you can get a neuroma on the end of the nerve. Look it up and ask them to consider it. I had excruciating pain in hernia scar and that is what caused the pain. It was tiny and surgically removed. Just a thought. Sheila

  • I have similar and GP thinks is a hernia. Google 'hernias in women' x

  • I have these same symptoms. They get overlooked and I finally went to the ER. They did a cat scan with no contrast. They saw nothing. Then I saw my family dr and they sent me for an ultrasound. So I have 2 lumps. 1 on the end of each side of my c section scar. They are 1 & 1/2 inch above the ends of my scar on the sides. They have no idea what these lumps are. Not sure what to do next. I think it's painful scar tissue, endometriosis, iatrogenic endometrioma or something worse. I experience pain and burning in these lumps 3 to 5,days after my menstrual cycle starts each month, then is better after a good week or so. It's awful. If anyone could tell me where their lumps are or any details I would appreciate it. Thank you I am worried about it.

  • I have a lump under scar and it is scar tissue. Feels like a piece of gum that is stuck under the skin. It creates referred pain and cramping along the right lower quadrant in my abdomen and groin. I started doing some yoga stretches and massaging the area. I want to get it excised but that only creates more scarring. Something else I have to learn to live with.

  • I have been dealing with the same thing for 8 years. It's probably endometrial tissue near your c-section scar. I finally saw a general surgeon and will be getting it removed probably in August. The pain during my cycle was getting unbearable. Thank goodness the surgeon I saw knew about this, my obgyn wasn't familiar with it.

  • I have the same thing!! Something is up! I have a golf ball sized lump under my c-section scar on the left side, super painful/sensitive, especially during/around menstrual cycle. Been dealing with it for 10 yrs now. Keeps getting worse....Doctors giving different excuses with no real diagnosis. This is getting ridiculous. Does anyone know what this really is? Can anyone help?

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