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Pelvic Floor, Overative Bladder, frquent uti's (lately) and incontinence

Went to a female urologist who saw me twice. First time told me I do not have IC although for 25 years, I have been told I do. Also have the rest on top and lower back problems. Se sent me to PT te next week was the first UTI i had in years. My burning is usuallly negative for infection. I took 2 rounds of meds wound up with a horrible yeast infection. Went to see er and was given diflucan for the yeast. Went back to PT which has done noting but I have more uti's now. Went back to Dr who referred me to her nurse practitioner. What can she do if the urologist and PT cannot help. Please tell me wat you think. I cannot use the dilator set and did do the exercises to no avail. Still incontinent. If the Dr sent me to the nurse what does that say?

Who is the best person to go to? I have been everywhere. Who is the best in the Nashville/Memphis groups? Who is the worst and most unfeeling I have a really long list of them. Someone please help. I want spaghetti so bad and they say no about the IC diet that I don't (now they say) I don't have. About the interstim yes or no? Also trigger point injections. ow many are there and are you awake and I was told tHe nurse does it. If none of this works then either interstim or Botox. I hve read Botox can start self cathing can it. PLEASE RESPOND

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Hi Suzy,

I could help with this if you were in the UK but I don't know anyone in Nashville/Memphis, have you contacted the IC network in the USA ?


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