Pregnancy with uterine adhesions

Hi, I'm seeking support/contact from anyone who has experience of pregnancy with uterine adhesions. After 10 years of trying to get pregnant, a multiple myomectomy and post op laproscopy to sort out adhesions, the back of my uterus has adhered to my large bowel. The solution proposed was to rush me through IVF bypassing IUI and then seek a more definitive answer to my issues (in other words: hysterectomy). We gave up on having children and started our grieving process as I couldn't go through with IVF and have recently discovered that I am pregnant!! Two scans due to my general pelvic pain show 9wk beanie growing strong with a strong heartbeat. I'm staying calm, meditating and having accupuncture privately as the pain clinic have a 6 month waiting list - even in pregnancy! - but am aware that 12-13 wk may be pivotal in how the rest of the pregnancy will go. Would love to hear from anyone with experience in this field (positive please) as well as any tips and advice on coping with my adhesion pain. I've changed my diet and I have days with no pain where I feel great and have days when it is a struggle to walk. Feels very lonely at times as it's all hidden away and difficult to tell people about as it's in such a personal area. Hoping someone out there knows what I'm going through.

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  • Hi! I have adhesions but had my children prior to them. So don't have personal experience of the two together. However I have heard from someone who was pregnant after having bowel adhesions that she was told the adhesions can sometimes soften and stretch with pregnancy so it may help things in that area. I have lots of bowel and pelvic adhesions from bowel ops, i was told if I wanted to have another baby it shouldn't be a problem however if they thought I needed a c section they may be better to do it in a planned way rather than having an emergency. This is because it may take longer to cut through adhesions to get the baby out. However as I understand yours are pelvic ones- you might want to discuss this with your doctor though just in case they might not be aware. Also I remember in my pregnancies there was quite a bit of pelvic pain in early preg anyway due to the uterus stretching so wouldn't worry too much. Best of luck with your pregnancy and baby! x

  • PS gentle swimming or pregnancy pilates may help, also maybe a pregnancy yoga class x

  • Thank you so much! I was beginning to panic that I was all on my own xx You've made my day and given me something positive to hold on to. I'm doing the swimming and walking, am planning to start the yoga in a couple of weeks which should help with my breathing too. Thanks xx :)

  • Thanks! Yes sometimes those classes like pregnancy yoga are also helpful as there are lots of other mums to be there too! Another thing which was nice was an 'aquanatal' class my local hospital ran in their physiotherapy pool, like very gentle aqua aerobics. Oh, also natal hypnotherapy is helpful for relaxation I used the CDs by Maggie Howell Take care xx

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