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Pelvic pain 18 months after surgery

Hi everyone. In 2011 I had a major surgery to remove the Sigmoid colon and the large bowel was joined together low in the pelvis, at the rectum. After this I have had surgery to remove adhesions from the small bowel as had SBO (small bowel obstruction) At the time I was told they 'couldn't see' the area of the left pelvis due to dense adhesions.

18 months after the last surgery, I've started getting this strange, new pain, from under where the large c-section type scar is, (it runs horizontally just above the pubic bone on the left and into the centre of the pelvis.) It radiates into the hip and deep in the pelvis into the left buttock. If I press into the buttock it is a strong dull ache there and feels quite tender. There is also pain coming from the left of the pubic bone area

Does anyone have something similar or know what it could be. I wonder at it being quite a while since the surgery, would it not have shown itself earlier if it was related? But then also been told adhesions can trap or contain nerves and can get tighter over time so wondered if this is a possibility.

If anyone had any ideas or ways to treat it I'd be grateful to hear from you. I see the GP on Tuesday. I am taking 10mg Amitryptilline for pain relief and Tramadol with paracetamol at present, but it is not doing much except letting me sleep a but better. the other things that are helping are gentle pilates and swimming, as much the exercise and distraction as anything. Thanks for reading xx

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Hi Orangeflower, I'm travelling in the dark a little with my adhesions too. My consultant said that even when I think I know where the pain is coming from it could be somewhere else because the nerves in that area ping my pain receptors all over the place! I hope you find some answers soon. The only thing I can add at mo is that accupuncture is helping me a great deal. My consultant recommended it when we decided I wouldn't have any more surgery to try and rectify the issue as we had got into the "v dangerous" zone. I have been referred to NHS pain clinic, but that takes ages, so found a qualified member of British Council of Accupuncture near me who came recommended by a friend. I see her fortnightly and it is amazing. Can't rate it high enough. For me it kicks in a couple of days after treatment and my pain reduces by about 70%! It helps to calm me as well which probably has a lot to do with the amazing results. By the end of two weeks I'm ready and eager for another session. I've also just bought a TENS machine which my consultant also recommended and as my condition has recently adapted :) I thought I'd try it out. Should arrive next week so will let you know. I'm also studying mindfulness techniques for pain management. Hope there's something there that may be of use to you :)


Hi there, since I posted that, have been to the GP who thinks it is a small hernia. Am also in the 'no more surgery' type zone however going to ask for a surgical opinion. I just remembered actually, I meant to ask you if you had tried the Mumsnet website? they're really good on there in terms of knowing stuff and i bet there will be people having gone through pregancy with adhesions. in fact that was where i heard of someone having had that experience many thanks for your reply xx


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