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Hi , can anybody tell me there experience regarding an x-ray guided nerve block. Since having my surgery back in Feb. 2012 for a prolapse repair bladder and rectum plus a tot procedure at the same time for stress incontinence I have suffered ever since with a constant burning and pain all on the left side of my vagina. I take 75mg a night of amitriptyline and 300mg of pregabalin which helps but still continue to suffer daily with this. From what I have been told and after numerous tests this is nerve damage hence the nerve block in my left buttock tomorrow in London on the NH's.we have to try so many things to get some relief from this pain and discomfort we are left with.

thanks linda

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My advice is to go ahead with the nerve block injection to see if you get any relief. For me, unfortunately they didn't help but you have nothing to lose by giving a go. Good luck...


I also had the CT guided nerve blocks but sadly caused a flare up

. It did enable though to finally get a diagnosis of bilateral PNE and consequently I had TG NERVE decompression surgery. I'm still in pain though 5 months post option and now having much needed physio. I would go ahead with the injections then see where you go from there. Good luck and take care


Hi Poppy, how is your physio going? When I had my operation in France in2012 I was told by Prof Robert that there were no physios in UK familiar with PNE. As we have a motorhome (which we no longer use because of my pain) I would go and live near the best physio for PNE while I had a course

of treatment. The rate of deterioration in my condition is frightening, I now have problems lying down long enough to get a good nights sleep, and I cannot stand in one position for very long and as you will know I cannot sit at all. I dread the future, so please help with information of who to contact and how.

Hope you are getting some pain relief from your physio.

Many thanks Marion


Hi Linda very sorry to hear of your problems, and I only know about the procedure you are having because my pain management doctors want to do the same on me. I had a CT guided bilateral nerve block in France in 2012 as I was under the impression that there were no doctors in UK who know anything about my problem.

. As you posted this on the on the 20th I guess you are having your procedure today, sorry I could not help you by answering your question.If you don't mind I would love to hear how your procedure was carried out so that I can decide whether to have the same done

Thanks Marion


Hi Marion,ive had the x-ray guided nerve block done on the 21st may down London yesterday. Dr Curran performed this as she is the pain management specialist for this procedure. This was performed with me lying on my front face down and being injected together with an anaesthetic and steroid into my left buttock as my pain and burning has always been on the left side. Is a CT guided nerve block done the same way as this?, just asking because after this procedure I had done yesterday , depending on the outcome that a CT guided nerve block would be the next step to take.


Thanks for that and yes it is done in a similar way. My doctor put in the needle, kept going back to look at the CT screen and then going deeper until he got to just the right spot. I had mine done in France and it was only local anaesthetic, no steroids as unfortunately they do not think that they are a long term solution. Hope you get some pain relief from the steroid, some people seem to.


Hi edenbourg

I was also categorically told by my surgeon who incidentally trained in nante under the guidance of the prof that there were no UK based physio. In fact he was scathing of them and said they wouldn't have a clue. This is UTTER RUBBISH! In Southampton there is an excellent PNE physio Ruth Jones , I am in touch with several ladies that travel miles to see her with fantastic results. If you join the pudendal hope forum and look under physio therapy you can read some of the experiences for yourself. I am based in Cardiff and have been fortunate to find two wonderful physios that have been trained by Ruth Jones and use the same techniques. It's early days but they are caring and compassionate which is in stark contrast to what I've experienced to date. You can get help, will be a case of trial and error but stay positive, there are people that can help you. Good luck and thinking of you


I had a bladder prolapse surgery in 2009 and shortly after started having burning pain in the vagina. It was a few years later when a doctor suggested I may have nerve damage that could be helped with a nerve block. It took some time to find a doctor who even knew how to do an Xray guided nerve block but when I did, it helped very much for a few months. I will have another and hope it helps as well. I do recommend the nerve block.


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