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How's it going with adhesions ops people?

Hi there, I've posted before when people have mentioned having operations for adhesions. It's been over a year now since my last operation which was open surgery for a bowel resection and extensive lysis of adhesions, It wasn't the first surgery I'd had, for adhesions and I've been dreading the return of problems. I just wondered how other peoples recovery was going? Hopefully well. Also has anyone else had a 'closed loop' type bowel obstruction- I had this twice and am hoping it won't recur again.

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Hi Orangeflower, I have just seen your post and realise that it is 11 months old so you probably won't see this reply but just incase you do.......I've recently had a laparotomy for removal of tube, ovary, appendix all stuck down due to adhesions and caused an abscess to form. I'm 10 weeks post op now but the pelvic and lower back discomfort is immense, more so than what it was before the op. I know I have an inflammatory process going on and am wondering if it may be due to other adhesions since I had a hysterectomy in 2011. I'm waiting for another MRI incase it may be anything else but I know adhesions don't show up on imaging. I am terrified of adhesions as I know what havoc they can cause. I wish more would be done re finding a successful adhesion barrier as surgery due to adhesions must cost the health system a fortune. Hope you are still well following your surgery and that adhesions have not returned.


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