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Hi Judy, it's been suggested you might me able to help me. I live in West Wickham, Kent and wonder if you you know of a physio in my area?

I had a hysterectomy in 2001 then in 2009 I had prolapse surgery which left me with PN. I'm under Uclh for the PN and have had nerve blocks. Unfortunately I have another prolapse. UCH said to get my gp to fit a pessary ring, he tried 5 different ones over 3 occasions but each time they immediately popped out, so he sent me to see the bladder and bowel nurse. She told me to buy a Neen exerciser and to do exercises every day for 3 months. After 2 weeks of exercising (and just before Christmas which meant I was so uncomfortable) I was really in a state so made another appointment with the nurse, although I didn't see her as it wasn't her day. This nurse was surprised my gp had sent me to see them and even more surprised her colleague had got me to use the Neen exerciser and said it wasn't a good idea.

I've just found some information about finding out about existing pelvic floor muscle function by using specialised EMG equipment used by some physiotherapists so that they can assess how much nerve input the muscles are receiving. This was from Australia, so I wondered if you knew any physios that use that equipment near me, I live in West Wickham, Kent. Thank you.

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I've sent you a private message about this. Let us know how you get on


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