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I can't cope with this pain anymore : (

I can't cope with this pain anymore : (

Hi, my name is Car (short for Caroline) and im 46 years old. Following an accident in Aug 2009 (whilst I was one week post-op after a major gynae operation), I have had severe pelvic pain ever since. I have been on all sorts of meds since then, but now I take just Oxynorm 20mgs every 4-6 hours. The pelvic pain is mainly due to adhesions, muscle damage and nerve damage . My left leg has been affected by the nerve damage also, and has caused my balance/walking to be affected. Now, my ankles , knees and for some unknown reason my hands/ shoulders also hurt. I do know that losing weight would help. I tried earlier to get some potatoes out of a lower cupboard to cook tea, and ended up bursting into tears cus I couldn't do it. I am a carer to my autistic son and I have 3 other kids aged 12 - 17 years. My husband works hard but has a heart problem so cant do all the housework/shopping/cleaning for me. I need to be able to do it. I can hardly move and im in loads of pain with my joints. Anyone in the same boat?

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Hi Car,

I've picked up on one part. Your walking. Do you feel like you have one leg shorter than the other that is causing your pelvis to rotate in a strange way or make you limp? If so then there is one thing you should get checked by a good Oesteopath and that is your Sacral Illiac joint (SIJ is what people call it) could be out of alignment. If this is a factor then it can be realigned but may need doing many times.

It is a common symptom with PN or pelvic muscle conditions and something that is worth ruling in or out as it can cause major muscle and/or nerve spasm


GOOD advice above a good osteopath could be of great help ....get a recommended one ...I have a wonderful man for mine .............realignment of the spine can help so much .....certainly worth a few goes ..do go to WW for weight lots of support there .good luck ...M


Is sounds as though you're really struggling with day to day chores. Just wondering whether you get any help from the children ? they don't always realize or see the situation and may need to be asked. Also is there anyone who lives near you who could pop in occasionally to assist for a short time ? I know it can be hard to ask....

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Hi Car

It is also important to get the best pain management possible so that you have a window in which you are able to start your chosen therapy. My GP did not cut it in that regard when I started the very painful symptoms of post pregnancy pelvic girdle pain so I took myself to a great pain management consultant who put me on a programme of medication predicting correctly approx 50% reduction in pain. This Together with weekly physio and some months of Pilates has slowly but surely reduced the pain, strengthened and improved quality of life. One of the keys is that it has taken nearly a year of a lot of hard work to get somewhere near back on track. GP's seem to be reluctant or just don't have the funding to refer to decent physiothapy, pain management clinics or similar so if these are not available and funds permit definitely worth seeking out great experts who can really help. Have 3 small children and trouble reaching potatoes in bottom drawer sounds very familiar.

I have gone from totally s*** scared and not being able to stand the pain any longer to seeing light at end of tunnel with personalised specialist help and trying to keep up with the exercises. I hope you are able to find the right combination for you. Much good luck.


Car, it's terrible ,as a mother to accept you just can't do what your family needs. Kids can do chores!!! I was basically flat for 7years....Praise GOD,I've just had pudendal entrapment surgery,,,on my way up......your damage has now gone to your leg....you must find a highly QUALIFIED pelvic dr....don't do as I had to...Many drs.and anyone offering hope.........in the US,I didn't have a choice ,Noone knows this disease....you must be strong and proactive.....this does get worse.....oxy and morphine barely touched my pain.....please start searching!!!!!!!!!! Judy r


Have they considered Fibromylcia? I am not sure about the spelling.



I cant sympathise with some of your experience but I certainly can with the fact that I too can no longer cope with this pain I am in. I am 22 years old and I have had Chronic Pelvic Pain since I was 15! I have been through an operation countless medicines and MRI, TENS treatment which helps a little, and acupuncture and I am now being referred to a BACKPACK clinic as they think it may have something to do with a musculoskeletal issue.... I have even read clinical guidelines on the treatment of CPP to try and find out more and sort it myself! I have a strong feeling about Myofascial trigger points (areas of muscle that are so tightly wound that they cause pain and even referred pain (elsewhere in the body)) and the possibility if these cant be treated by physical manoeuvring then by injection of anaesthesia into the affected trigger point.

I try to remain positive from the aspect that I can still laugh and I have a family that love me. I have friends that I care about and enjoy spending time with even if my activities are limited and I cant join them in sports etc.

I have done a lot of CBT to do with positive thinking as I also suffer with anxiety and used to suffer with depression. As it is a new year and that year is 2014 I have set a little challenge of writing down 14 things I have to be happy about and 14 things (attainable things) I would like to do over the coming year. Could this be good for you also? it helps to train the mind to see the good in our lives no matter what stresses we go through.

I hope it helps even if its just a little bit.



This is my first post here, and I just wanted to write it to support you and so that you know someone else out here at least understands how you feel.


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